Video: In these parts, fishing’s got reel appeal

Andrew Lightman

When summer rolls around, Billy Arrigal breaks out his rod and reel and lures, gets some worms and heads for Blacks Creek in Quincy. A few times a week for the last five summers, Arrigal has gone fishing from the culvert below Quincy Shore Drive, enjoying the quiet hunt for eels and striped bass. For the last two years, his 9-year-old nephew, Brendon Handley, has come along to fish for crabs.

“I’ve got three daughters,” Arrigal said. “This is my way of getting away with my little nephew. Call it a man’s day, if you will.”

Fishermen have their favorite spots. They watch the tides and the weather. They can talk for hours about the best bait to use to catch the biggest fish.

They enjoy the solitude and the sound of waves hitting the shore.

Landing a fish only adds to the joy.

Rich Hansen of Kingston said he goes fishing all year long. The Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury has been his primary fishing spot for the last 11 summers.

His choice has less to do with the view than with success. Hansen keeps a log of his fishing exploits so he can determine the best times and places to go.

“I’ve seen a lot of sunrises and a lot of sunsets,” he said, “sometimes on the same day.”

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