National budget for 7.9.08

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GateHouse News Service National Budget

For 7/9/08 editions

Here are the top national stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at Please submit stories below no later than 6 pm local time, unless you have breaking news that is changing significantly.

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PRO FOOTBALL WEEKLY: New sports module offers sites updated NFL headlines. Check out the details on ghnewsroom.

Lifestyles (Wednesday is Food)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Weekly food rail, leads with two paws up for this yogurt. Also includes shrimp scampi recipe, food quiz, wise to the word, and more.

FOOD PAGE:  These tomatoes will turn your world upside down.

FOOD VIDEO: This week, create a low-fat, tasty fruit salad.

JIM HILLIBISH: Don't be scared of mixing pasta and potatoes. Weekly food column. With recipes. CANTON, Ohio.

HANDLE WITH CARE: Choosing a child-care provider a tall task (with cute illustration). GRAND ISLAND, Neb.


BECK’S ‘MODERN GUILT:’ 'Modern Guilt' by Beck a lovely, weird psych-folk record. SUSSEX


MAHONEY CARTOON: Hot enough for you? Ledger.

EDITORIAL: Push for locally-grown food makes safety sense - America is trapped in a B-list horror film: “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” The salmonella scare continues to spread, with 943 cases of salmonella food poisoning covering 40 states. An editorial from the Galesburg Register-Mail.

EDITORIAL: McCain's math. Sen. John McCain wins friends with his self-deprecating sense of humor, but self-deprecation poses risks as well. Early in the campaign, McCain noted that he doesn't know much about economics, a bit of modesty the Democrats seem intent to brand on his forehead.

PETER CHIANCA: Hey baby, want to see my bumper? Having been happily married for 11 years, there are many reasons I’m glad to be out of the dating world. For one thing, I don’t have to worry about the new report from, in which “dating expert” DeAnna Lorraine talks about men’s cars and the types of women they attract. CNC, on wire now

With art

GARY BROWN: No matter the golf ball label, there’s a hazard awaiting.

MICHELLE PAGE: Waving not quite as popular as it once was

RANDY HOGAN: Road rage a senseless act of violence

KENT BUSH: Irrational behavior hard to justify. (Running of the bulls)


NASCAR CONTENT: Story on Mark Martin, 3 Questions with Paul Menard, NASCAR rail, and pages.

MIKE NADEL: Nadel will be writing from Tuesday’s Rockies-Brewers game in Milwaukee, where C.C. Sabathia will make his debut with the Brewers. Column will be posted about 10:30 p.m.


GAS-SAVING HAZARDS: Trying to save a few cents on gas not always worth it. There are some time-honored ways to cut gasoline costs: drive less, drive a smaller car, drive no faster than 60 mph. Then there are some other methods — some illegal, some unsafe, some both. They may seem like quick fixes for $4 a gallon gasoline, but they may cost more than you realize.  ROCKFORD

CHOLESTERAL MEDS FOR KIDS: Cholesterol-fighting medications are more typically associated with grumpy old men than grammar schoolchildren, but an influential medical group said children as young as 8 could be prescribed the meds. MetroWest, Reuell, on wire now

‘GREASECAR’ TOUR: taking tour around country on 1 tank of gas. NEOSHO, Mo.