Author claims Drew Peterson wanted to pin third wife's death on Stacy

Danya Hooker

When it comes to friends and enemies, Drew Peterson can count the Internet among the latter.

Two separate allegations in as many weeks against the former police sergeant have created a tsunami in the blogosphere, first with reports that Peterson exchanged flirtatious online chats and e-mails with an unknown woman and then with a true crime author alleging Peterson asked him to write a book pinning his third wife’s homicide on his missing fourth wife.

Peterson’s publicist Glenn Selig said his client did chat with a woman but flatly denied author M. William Phelps’ allegations.

“Absolutely not,” Selig said. “Drew never, and I was present on the phone, he never ever suggested that there be any sort of anything, book or otherwise, to pin (the homicide) on someone else.”

As for the chats — several of which the woman has posted on a new blog — Selig said the exchange was harmless flirtation and the two never met each other.

“(Drew Peterson) hasn’t been in his house crying in the corner,” Selig said. “Drew has said from day one that Stacy left him for another man and he’s mad at her for having done what she did. He’s keeping busy.”

The blog, created June 26, contains a series of March and April exchanges between the woman and Peterson, a suspect in the Oct. 28 disappearance of his wife, Stacy. He has not been charged with a crime.

Peterson tells the woman he’s a romantic who spoiled his previous wives but still wound up unlucky in love. Although he admits to seeing women after his wife’s disappearance, he said he’s ready to settle down with just one woman and asked her “how much broken glass do I need to crawl through to get a date with you.”

Several other posts claim to prove Peterson’s membership at an adult Web site, even including an alleged receipt of his subscription.

Selig and Brodsky said those posts are forgeries and that the credit card shown on the receipt does not belong to their client.

The blog’s operator, who goes by the name Ashley, claims to be a 29-year-old Web site designer from southern Illinois. Attempts to reach her via e-mail were unsuccessful as of Tuesday.

Days after the blog went live, news of a radio interview with Phelps hit the Internet. In June interview, Phelps said he and his agent were on a conference call with Peterson, his attorney Joel Brodsky and Selig when Peterson seemed to allude the possible book should blame the March 2004 homicide of Kathleen Savio, Peterson’s third wife, on Stacy Peterson.

Brodsky and Selig said there were discussions about a possible book but that no one asked Phelps to blame anyone for Savio’s death.

Phelps did not return several e-mails seeking comment.

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