District attorney says accused gun dealer sold up to 40 weapons

Ian B. Murphy

A former Lexington resident will be charged with four weapons charges after a grand jury in Natick found enough evidence to go forward with prosecution.

Yong Kim, 42, formerly of 160 Grove St., will face three charges of possession of high capacity magazines, and one charge of possession of ammunition without a firearms license.

In December 2004, Kim was interviewed by a federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent at the Lexington police station about the “questionable gun sales” of 30 to 40 guns. These were found in the unlawful possession of others, according to a statement from Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone. Kim claimed he sold a dozen guns, all lawfully.

During that interview, Kim allegedly told the ATF agent he had two handguns, a rifle, and several rounds of ammunition in his Grove Street home, and was licensed to have them.

“As a result of the [ATF’s] ongoing investigation, we discovered that he was in possession of ammunition without being properly licensed,” said Capt. Mark Corr.

Corr, then the detective lieutenant and gun-licensing officer for Lexington, knew that Kim did not have a license to carry or a firearms identification card, and got his permission to go to 160 Grove St. to retrieve the guns and ammunition.

When Corr and the ATF agent went to Kim’s home, they found 1,349 rounds of ammunition for nine different kinds of guns. They also found three 30-round clips, which are a felony to have without a license.