Hip retailer Steve & Barry's bankrupt?

Cathryn O'Hare

Steve & Barry’s, a hip retailer known for its cheap good stuff and its affiliation with star celeb Sarah Jessica Parker, will file for bankruptcy just weeks after opening in Danvers at the Liberty Tree Mall.

Billed as “the retailer’s premier Boston-area location” in the press release announcing the opening, the retailer occupies a 24,000 square foot space. Its casual apparel includes Parker’s BITTEN line, tennis star Venus Williams’s active wear collection and other star-name items.

Nothing is priced ever more than$19.98, and locals received an introductory $8.98 price on everything and anything.

Lorraine McGuinness of Danvers, for instance, was excited to buy a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker shoes for $8.98, for instance.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s July 9th Market Watch, the store was expected for file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday. Andrew Gilpin, the store’s manager of public relations, was not available for comment. Simon Malls was expected to make a statement during the day.