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American Tourist: The best theme parks in the U.S.

Looking to take your kids to a theme park where you know they won’t be disappointed? Here are the top theme parks in the U.S. based on 2007 surveys and attendance figures (in alphabetical order).

Busch Gardens Africa

Where: Tampa, Fla.

Web site:

Busch Gardens Europe

Where: Williamsburg, Va.

Web site:

Cedar Point

Where: Sandusky, Ohio

Web site:


Where: Anaheim, Calif.

Web site:


Where: Hershey, Pa.

Web site:

Kings Island

Where: Near Cincinnati

Web site:

Knott's Berry Farm

Where: Near Los Angeles

Web site:

SeaWorld Orlando

Where: Orlando, Fla.

Web site:

SeaWorld San Diego

Where: San Diego

Web site:

Six Flags Great Adventure

Where: Jackson, N.J.

Web site:

Six Flags Great America

Where: Gurnee, Ill.

Web site:

Universal Studios Florida

Where: Orlando, Fla.

Web site:

Universal Studios Hollywood

Where: Los Angeles

Web site:

Walt Disney World

Where: Orlando, Fla.

Web site:

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The List

You won’t have a grumpy time if you visit these countries, according to a new study that ranks these places as the happiest countries in the world:

1. Denmark

2. Switzerland

3. Austria

4. Iceland

5. Finland

6. Australia

7. Sweden

8. Canada

9. Guatemala

10. Luxembourg

Get your Tut tickets now

Tickets are on sale for the King Tut exhibit that opens this fall at the Dallas Museum of Art. The last time the Tut exhibit was in the U.S. (2005-07), it drew more than 4 million visitors. For more information, go to

Good to Know

California's Big Sur region, long popular with travelers, is suffering the effects of severe forest fires. If you’re traveling the Pacific Coast Highway through the region, double-check that the roads you want to traverse and the tourist spots are open.

Fun Facts

- If you visit Mongolia and have an adventurous palate, try a boodog, or marmot barbecue. (

- Moussorgsky notwithstanding, there's no Great Gate in Kiev, but you can visit a Chernobyl museum there. (

Travel Tip: The traveling vegetarian

Take your diet into consideration when planning your trip. Where will you be going? There will be a greater variety of food available in big urban centers then there will be in rural outbacks. If you want more than anything to visit a tiny village in rural Vietnam, fine, but be prepared that you may have to limit the variety in your diet, or work with restaurants or others feeding you to come up with food to your liking.

Research the cuisine for the place you are going. This will also give you an idea of local cooking techniques; oftentimes innocent-looking vegetable dishes will be cooked in chicken stock. Look up lists of vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores in the area you'll be staying. Try local vegetarian groups in the area you'll be visiting, or try online resources such as

Among countries in which vegetarianism and veganism is not the norm, those in the West tend to be the most accommodating, and even non-veg restaurants, particularly in the Netherlands, Denmark and the U.K. Other countries, such as India and Taiwan, have a tradition of vegetarianism, and finding suitable meals in these places will not be a problem. (

Talk Like a Local: Irish

How are you?

- Conas atá tú? (CONN-us a-TAW too?)

I'm good.

- Táim go maith (TAW'm guh MOH)

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