Critic's Cupboard: Astronaut Ice Cream

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Mount Shasta Herald

Astronaut Ice Cream; freeze-dried, ready-to-eat space food

Flavors: Neapolitan and chocolate with chocolate chips. 7-ounce package, $2.75.

Our guest critic is Jonathan Reolfi, 8, of North Canton, Ohio, who recently attended a science camp at the McKinley Museum in Canton, Ohio.


Jonathan Reolfi: I love “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” I like how astronauts float around in their space suits. I thought it would be fun to taste their space food. They make it dry because it’s not supposed to float around in space; that would be bad.

The ice cream tastes good. When you eat it, it really turns into ice cream in your mouth.


Jennifer Mastroianni: Astronaut ice cream is an excellent way to pique kids’ curiosity about space.

The texture is very dry, like the dried marshmallows in Lucky Charms, and the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavor tastes just like ice cream.

The McKinley Museum is a great destination to entertain and educate kids this summer. The gift shop is full of all sorts of fun treasures, and the museum offers a variety of exhibits, from space to physics to dinosaurs. It also houses the Hoover-Price Planetarium, with the “Mars Update” showing weekly through September. Find out more at

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