'Forgiven' by Los Lonely Boys is just OK

Patrick Varine

It sounds like Los Lonely Boys have been listening to a lot of John Mayer and ZZ Top.

"Forgiven" is a blues-based relationship record if ever there was one, with songs titled “Loving You Always,” “Love Don’t Care About Me,” “Another Broken Heart” and “The Way I Feel.” 

Listeners will find some love, lose some love and get a little emotional. Touches of Mayer’s blues-soul and ZZ Top’s bar-band atmospherics abound.

Problem is, there’s not a whole lot that distinguishes Los Lonely Boys from your above-average in-house bar band. The Hendrix-like wah-wah guitar that stabs through the opener, “Heart Won’t Tell a Lie,” doesn’t make another appearance; the title track sounds like an Americanized version of a Tex-Mex tune, complete with an extra measure or two at the back end of each lyrical couplet.

Which is not to say it isn’t enjoyable. If you don’t mind the singular subject matter, it’s good music. But while it has elements of both, "Forgiven" lacks both the soloing acumen of Mayer’s music and the consistent boogie that propelled ZZ Top’s.

Sussex Countian