Rick Rogers: Our family of four is just right

Rick Rogers

Lately, my two daughters have been on a weird mission — they want a baby brother.

This has come up in conversation a couple times recently, and to be frank, I am disturbed. Why, you ask? I don’t know how to raise boys.

When I was growing up, my parents had my two sisters. I helped babysit and, unfortunately, learned how to change diapers, feed and care for them. In my family, I am one of only two boys out of eight grandchildren.

So, when my two daughters were born, learning to care for them was a piece of cake. Even though I was only a brother to my two sisters, I was right there to help care for them when my parents were busy.

So, taking care of Quinette and Rachel was second nature.

But, taking care of an active boy is a whole different story.

I write this because I spent last night working our booth at the Newton County Fair with Jessica Hughes, one of our advertising representatives. Her husband, Eric came along to the fair with their son, Quentin.

Ah, Quentin. He’s a cute little dude, and looks just like Dennis the Menace. And sometimes acts like him, too.

Quentin is a big ball of energy. He had Eric and Jessica running all over the fairgrounds after him. How those two are able to function for 24 hours to keep up with him is anyone’s guess.

And that’s where I have been spoiled. Sure, my daughters can be full of energy and a bit too much to handle at times, but for the most part, they are girls — they sit and play with dolls, color or dance and listen to music.

They don’t play in the mud, think a puddle is a swimming pool or like to use worms as pets.

So, when my two girls asked if they could have a little baby brother, my response was a quick, “No way.”

I think a family of four is just right. We are able to fit into a booth at a restaurant with ease. We can all squeeze into my little car with no troubles, and our family photos are never too cluttered.

Plus, we have Jo Jo the dog. So, you see, our family is complete. And yes, Jo Jo is a female, too.

Rick Rogers is the publisher of The Neosho Daily News. E-mail him at