Brown trout a traffic stopper

Alex Rubin

Jarvis Elmore caught the fish of his life July 3.

The 72-year-old Montreal, Mo., native reeled in a 10-pound, 24-inch brown trout over the holiday at Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon, Mo.

“I actually thought I had a snag … I looked up and the pole and the line were going upstream, so I knew it wasn’t a snag,” Elmore said. “When I realized it was a fish of that size, I was excited. I didn’t have my net with me. I asked the guy standing next to me if he had one.”

Elmore said the ordeal of reeling in the fish was a struggle, joking that the fish was “more fun after I got him out of the water.”

He said that his fish was the biggest caught in Bennett Spring this season, and that a fish this size was unexpected.

“As I carried back to the store to have him weighed I was stopping traffic, people wanted to take pictures of it.”

Lake Sun Leader