Faimon Roberts: Dear Brett, please stay retired

Faimon Roberts

I wnt 2 cm bk

It may have looked like that.  Or perhaps he used some other shorthand for texting.  Regardless of how exactly it looked or what precisely he said, Brett Favre let Green Bay Packer GM know that he was at least considering coming back to play football.

And the Packers' nightmare began.

After several years of "I'm gonna retire,"/"I'm gonna play one more year" flip-flopping from Favre, it seemed as if this year he had made a final decision.

His Packers went on an improbable run through the NFC, losing in the NFC Championship game to the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants in overtime.

Yet even after that near miss, Favre still told us he was done.  He was going to ride off into the cheese-tinted sunset and go spend time on his ranch near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The Packers, for their part, were ready to move on.  They have a young team, and a young promising quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers has patiently waited behind Favre for the first three years of his career.

Is Rodgers any good?  No one knows.  He's never had a chance to prove himself, playing only one and a half games in his career.

So when Favre retired at the end of this past season, the Packers were quick to anoint their young signal-caller.  They handed the keys to the team to him.

But now, Favre is not sure he really is done.  And Rodgers is being forced to answer Brett Favre questions more than ever.

The specter of Favre looms so large over the Packers that head coach Mike McCarthy was grilled about Favre's possible return by an elementary aged kid when McCarthy was giving a talk at a Boys and Girls Club.

This has gone on too long.

Perhaps the NFL, in addition to its rookie orientation seminars, should institute some Veteran Retirement Seminars.  The first lesson could be on the word “retire.” Guest speakers could include Jim Brown and John Elway.

A lot is made of the fact that Favre still has the itch to play.  Most of what we hear from the former players who pass as analysts these days is "if he still wants to play, he should play."

From my perspective, he should stay gone.  Right now, I will remember Favre as one of the greatest ever, a proven winner.

But what if he comes back and has a bad year?  He will be descending into Michael Jordan in  Wizards uniform territory.  And that is territory that he does not want to enter.

Please Brett, stay retired. Hide out. Play touch football with the family. Take up competitive backgammon.

Just don't play football.

Faimon Roberts writes for the Beauregard Daily News in DeRidder, La.