Good times roll at Weed Carnevale

Jeff Knebel
There was something for everyone at the 54th Weed Carnevale celebration this past weekend, including these young thrill seekers finding what they were looking for on a carnival ride at the Bel-Air Park.

Aloha, Mahalo, and so long for now, Carnevale!

But hey, it’ll be back next year before you know it. And with all the fun had over the weekend it’ll be something to look forward to next time around.

There were plenty of games and activities for everyone and enough fun to go around more than once at the 54th annual event at Weed’s Bel-Air Park.

There was an abundance of carnival rides, games, activities, booths, vendors, food, refreshments and sports tournaments all packed into the four-day event.

During the day carnival-goers had their pick of classic Carnevale food, snacks and, of course, beer from the Weed Chamber of Commerce booth.

Co-organizers Ronda Gubetta and Kim Greene were often seen hurrying around the park making sure the whole operation went off smoothly.

“This was a really good year,” said Gubetta. “The overall response is that it was very successful for everyone. This year we sold 75 more tickets than we did last year – very positive!”

Carnival rides were always running with screaming and laughter, depending on which ride, echoing over any competing noise.

Favorites this year included, for the older crowd, the Zipper, Cliffhanger and the Gravitron.

Those on the younger side, and older as well, were more drawn to rides like the Ferris Wheel, Lolli Swing and the junior roller coaster.

There was also plenty of carnival games to be played that tested wits, balance and coordination, challenging the even the most experienced aficionados.

The bocce ball and softball tournaments were both a constant magnet for anyone walking by. Each tournament was going non-stop all weekend until only one team was left standing.

Commercial vendors offered everything from jewelry and clothing to a bug museum and fake tattoos.

Live music kept the night owls dancing until the early morning hours. Other entertainment like belly dancers and fire dancers mesmerized anyone looking, especially those fresh off a fast moving ride, or those who have had more than his hare of beer.

Speaking of beer, anyone wishing to get out of the summer sun was welcome for tasting at the Mount Shasta Brewing Company. They could also get a tour of the brewery by owner Vaunne Dillmann.

Carnevale may be gone until next year, but remember, carnivals are like beer - too much will give you a headache in the  morning.

Until next time....