Larry Binz: Your choices, please, for baseball playoffs

Larry Binz

If you think the annual the Major League All-Star game was long – sometimes boring, other times exhilarating – stay tune for the second half of the season.

The old-timers believed that the teams that led their respective leagues (or in this case divisions) would be there on the final day.

If that holds up, the the Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels will win the three divisions in the American League. Meanwhile, the theory would put the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League as division winners.

The wild card entries could be the Tampa Bay Rays, the suprise team in all of baseball; the New York Yankees (who else?); or the Minnesota Twins.

All of those teams have had hot and cold streaks.

Tampa Bay and Boston have been in a neck-and-neck battle for the AL East lead since the get-go.

Bert Blythleven, who was a mainstay for Minnesota in his playing days, says “don’t count Tampa Bay out.”

The teams who have faced Tampa Bay know the Rays are no longer pushovers as in the past. Too bad the fans in the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area don’t support the Rays as well.

Wouldn’t it be sad if Tampa Bay was playing for the AL championship against, say , the defending world champion Red Sox before a crowd of less 20,000 in Tropicana Stadium?

Maybe Orlando would like to become the new home for the Rays. They played there in spring season.

As for the Yankees, the All-Star game may be the only real thrill this year. Meanwhile, Joe Torre is trying to show the Los Angeles Dodgers how to believe in themselves like he did in the Bronx.

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