Fox attacks 71-year-old woman

Maureen Boyle

A 71-year-old woman attacked by what officials fear was a rabid fox Saturday night was rescued by a neighbor who held the animal down until help arrived.

The attack occurred shortly after 8:30 p.m. Saturday on Edgewood Drive as the woman was returning home from a walk..

“It grabbed me by the ankle first,” said Shirley Doyle. “I tried it beat it off of me.”

She was able to briefly get the fox off her ankle butit then grabbed her leg.

Her neighbor, Norman D. Millikan, heard her screams and ran to help.

He grabbed the fox by the tail and threw it tward to street. “I expected it to run off, but it didn’t. It came back at me,” eh said.

Eventually, he was able to pull the animal off and held it with his foot until the ambulance and fire department arrived.

The fox was killed by firefighters at the scene and it will be tested for rabies.

Doyle is undergoing treatment for rabies as a precaution.

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