Illinois Budget 7.22.08

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GHNS Illinois Budget (7/22/08)

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IDOT HEARING -- Employees and others who want to weigh in on the Illinois Department of Transportation's push to move its traffic safety division from Springfield to southern Illinois will get their say in front of a legislative panel at the state Capitol next week, but they'll have to wait a while. A long list of agency officials, lawmakers and others will testify before the public during the July 31 evening hearing, according to a preliminary agenda provided by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability. Finke / STATEHOUSE

BUDGET CUTS & OUTDOORS: dnr cuts news conference today at kickapoo state park to outline damage gov's budget cuts would do to outdoors programs. Young / SPRINGFIELD

W/fees: camping fees already have gone up; how about other fees? bureau

W/state parks: how many facilities does dnr operate, what range of activities do they offer? bureau

TAX SCAM TRIAL. (possible, if verdict) (all) Closing arguments begin

today in the tax scam case of three Charleston residents. One of their victims was Aaron Schock's dad, who didn't pay his taxes but isn't accused of any wrongdoing. We'll cover the closings which could be long as the trial lasted three weeks. (12 inches by 5 p.m.) KRAVETZ / PEORIA

OIL PIPELINE: Work on a huge oil pipeline through Boone County has started. It's part of a major project to bring Canadian crude oil to central Illinois. Some local farmers are making big bucks from the oil company which bought the rights to bury the pipe through their land. Other than that, what's the local impact? Any environmental ramifications? What if the pipes spring a leak? What kind of security is in place to make sure the pipes aren't vandalized? ROCKFORD

BOOMER FOLO: Lawsuits are pending and the winnebago county sheriff's department takes steps to bring deputy boomer back on board after he was on administrative leave. the department put him there last fall when he was indicted for reckless homicide and agg reckless driving for the bachman crash. Wheels are turning and boomer could be back on the street in his old job in a matter of days. he was on paid leave, making $26 a hour for 42 hours a week since Oct. 2007. CURRY / ROCKFORD

FARM FOLO: Focus on farming safety. Farming is dangerous, but maybe we only think that when horrible accidents happen. How do farmers view their jobs? Looking for more local reaction from Monday's accident in which a farmer and his son were killed after entering an animal waste pit. ROCKFORD


CAR SALES: April was a rare bit of good news as vehicle registrations were up year-over-year. That was the first time car sales were up since December 2006. Still, the positive news was shortlived. In May, sales were down from 2007 levels. GARY


SUMMER SALADS: Amp up your summer salads. SPRINGFIELD

WITH: pic and recipes


LUCIANO COLM. More on the mother-of-the-year who took her kids on burgling caper. PEORIA


MIKE NADEL: Off Tuesday. Will be writing from Bears camp Wednesday for Thursday.

BEARS IN BOURBONNAIS: Matt Trowbridge will write Tuesday for Wednesday, covering Lovie Smith news conference at 2 p.m.. ROCKFORD