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Mount Shasta Herald

The Willoughbys

by Lois Lowry, Houghton Muffin Company, $16

Find out how four children, abandoned by their parents and under the care of their nanny, strive to attain their own “happy endings” like those of A Christmas Carol and Marry Poppins.

A Three Dog Life

by Abigail Thomas, Harcourt, $13

A story about how a woman builds a new life for herself when her husband’s life is


Just How Stupid Are We?

by Rick Shenkman, Perseus Publishing, $25

The Iraq war. Housing market. Politicians blaming politicians. Discover what Americans can do to turn around our nation instead of turning our backs on our responsibilities.

You can do it!

by Tony Dungy, Little Simon Inspirations, $16.99, Ages 4 to 7

With help from his family and God, Tony’s little brother, Linden, discovers how to have faith and dream big to achieve anything!

Esperanza Rising

by Pam Munoz Ryan, Scholastic, Inc., $6.99, Ages 8 to 12

A story of how a girl and her mother flee to California from their ranch in Mexico, and how she learns to overcome obstacles and depend on herself to survive.