GateHouse News Service New England Budget • July 24, 2008

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SUICIDE NOT INDICATIVE OF ECONOMIC TREND – The suicide of a Taunton woman who shot herself before her foreclosed home was to be auctioned should not be interpreted as a sign that a struggling economy is taking a deadly toll on mental health, experts say.

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FORECLOSURE-RELATED SUICIDE IN TAUNTON RAISES ALARM ABOUT ECONOMIC STRESS - In the wake of a Taunton suicide, financial counselors urge people facing foreclosure to seek help. Taunton police say Carlene Balderrama was apparently distraught when she shot and killed herself Tuesday, apparently unaware the mortgage company had granted an extension, avoiding the auction of her house later in the day.

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BILL AIMS TO SCRAP METAL THIEVERY - As scrap metal thefts across the country rise with the price of copper, brass and other metals, police chiefs are backing a bill aimed at making it tougher for thieves to turn stolen metal into cold cash.

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BEETLES USED TO BATTLE LOOSESTRIFE ON NEPONSET - The beetles were taking over—and that’s exactly what the Neponset River Watershed Association is hoping for.

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TODDLER FOUND DEAD IN FAMILY POOL IN TAUNTON - Police were called at 7:40 a.m. and the child was rushed to Morton Medical Center in Taunton where he was pronounced dead.

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TROOPER KILLED IN CRASH WAS A LIFE-SAVER - State Trooper Gregory Porter, who saved a fellow officer from a burning truck in 2006,  was killed Wednesday morning after his car struck a tree at Central and Emerald streets in Hingham.

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BUSINESSES BRACING FOR NEW HEALTH CARE EXPENSES - Gov. Deval Patrick’s 2008 Supplemental Budget Bill is set to impose new assessments and taxes on businesses in order to fund the state’s Health Care Reform Law that could place another $31 million dollar burden on Massachusetts businesses.

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HORSE FARM OWNERS TEAM THEIR SKILLS IN ONE SITE IN HALIFAX - Longtime South Shore horse industry associates Scott Clawson, owner of the Fieldstone Equestrian and Show Facility in Halifax and Tom and Amy Hern, owners of Kingsway Farm in Pembroke, are joining forces.

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DEBORAH E. GAUTHIER: SHOPPING FOR COUPONS - Years ago, I worked with an editor whose wife was a coupon clipping queen. He bragged that because of coupons and rebates he and his family got money back just for eating.

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EDITORIAL: PIKE REFORMS OVERDUE - The Legislature must not leave Pike tollpayers in the lurch. But Patrick promised more than just more juggling of the Pike books. It's time he delivered his proposal for reform.

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EDITORIAL: TAX CUTS VS. SERVICES - Local legislatures and municipal budget directors take note: Residents simply will not tolerate tax increases, regardless of the consequences. Any city or town thinking of hiking taxes next year had better come up with a new plan, and fast.

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VIDEO: SEA CREATURES CAN BE SLIMY AND MAY PINCH, BUT WE STILL ENJOY CATCHING THEM - Armed with goggles and a fish net, they race against the tide to find the most sea life they can handle. “I’m the crab guy; you’re the lobster king,” says A.J. Iris, 9, of Washington, as he and his cousin Chris Gentes, 9, of Wellesley head into the low waters of Minot Beach in Scituate in search of seashore creatures.

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A CANDID FILM ON PHILIP GLASS CAN CATCH VIEWERS OFF GUARD - There are two kinds of people in this world: those that really like the hypnotic, repetitive, beautiful, eerie powerful music of Philip Glass, and those who, upon hearing it, make an unpleasant face, scratch their heads and say, “What the heck is that?”

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'CSNY DÉJÀ VU' SHOULD HAVE COME ALONG SOONER - Film director Bernard Shakey was angry. He was fed up with the Bush administration and its disregard of human rights, the environment, the deficit … the list goes on.

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POLITICS MAKES HIM TINGLE - Not too thrilled with Barack Obama or John McCain? Jimmy Tingle says go to the voting booth and pull the lever for laughs.

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FLOWER POWER HITS TOWER HILL THIS WEEKEND - What could be more beautiful than a fragrant day lily opening at sunrise and closing by sunset? How about thousands of day lilies blossoming in multicolored splendor at Tower Hill Botanic Garden?

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PLANETS, CONSTELLATIONS DAZZLE VISITORS AT OBSERVATORY - Six-year-old Amanda Holbrook wasn’t an astronomer before she peered through the telescope on a clear dark night at Bridgewater State University.

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