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Pantyhose Bandit disturbs neighbors

Milford, Mass. - The case of the "Pantyhose Bandit" has neighbors in Milford, Mass., creeped out and at their wit's end. The culprit keeps dumping pairs of ladies' tights right by their children's bus stop.

"It's weird, it's odd, it's scary for the kids," said Laurie Warich, looking at three of the black undergarments and one skin-colored pair left on the street.

The perplexed neighbors have sought police help to solve the caper that has gone on for longer than two years.

Warich said she once picked up 43 pairs of tights in one day. The tights are mostly black and queen-sized, and the tights appear three or four times a week.

Chief Thomas O'Loughlin said police have done some work and talked to a person of interest, but he doesn't have the resources to dedicate to a full investigation over pantyhose. By the books, the only crime is littering, he said.

One of the kids saw a license plate, and some of the parents confronted the man who owned the car at his home, but he denied any involvement. Next, the moms are considering an amateur sting, with a video camera and walkie-talkies.

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Foot fetish suspect arrested

Wakefield, Mass. - A former Wakefield resident has been apprehended and has admitted his involvement in a string of inappropriate incidents at fitness centers in New Hampshire and possibly Massachusetts, according to police.

Eric Henson, 31, now of Hudson, N.H., was charged with three counts of simple assault by Windham, N.H., police on Tuesday, after police received several anonymous calls identifying him as a possible suspect. During his interview, police said Henson “fully admitted his involvement” in as many as 18 similar cases.

Complaints had been lodged that a man matching Henson’s description would seek assistance with an exercise or massage technique from women in the gym. After engaging a victim in conversation, Henson allegedly would grab the woman’s foot and place it on his groin.

According to a media report by WBZ, “police received calls from at least six women in towns in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts reporting foot fetish assaults.”

The news source stated that reports have also been filed in Worcester, Mass., and Salem, N.H., and Merrimack, N.H.

Suspended corrections officer stole woman’s underwear

PRINCETON, Ill. - A suspended corrections officer is behind bars for breaking into a 63-year-old woman's home in Streator, Ill., and stealing her underwear.

Jeffrey A. Yusko, 50, of Streator was sentenced June 18 in LaSalle County court to six months in jail and 10 months of probation. He pleaded guilty May 30 to two counts of the Class 1 felony or residential burglary.

The woman testified Friday she thought she was going crazy when she realized about $20 worth of underwear was missing. She set up a surveillance camera in her home and caught Yusko, an acquaintance of her daughter's, stealing her undergarments Jan. 25 and Feb. 7.

Yusko apologized to the woman in court. He failed to give a motive for his actions but said he wants to seek help for psychological and substance abuse problems.

Peoria Journal Star

Alligator sighting closes Massachusetts beach

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - Waushakum Beach was shut down and residents were warned to stay out of the water after 15-year-old James Boudreau reported seeing an alligator at 10 a.m. July 18. He said he saw the same thing earlier this week.

Boudreau first saw the alligator, which he estimated to be 5 to 6 feet long, at dusk Wednesday. He said he was about to anchor his 12-foot aluminum boat when he saw the reptile staring at him.

He went home and told his stepfather, Terry Mahoney, about the incident later that evening.

"My first reaction was it was probably a log," he said. "But, he said it looked at him right away. My first thought was he had to be mistaken, and then I began thinking, maybe someone had it as a pet and it got too big to handle and they let it go."

Police and other agencies were searching for the gator.

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