GateHouse News Service New England Budget • July 28, 2008

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NAVY VETERANS TRIBUTE BILL LANDS IN CONGRESS - World War II veterans, like Howard Rouse and Rosario George Puliafico, who served aboard LSTs or similar craft, are grateful for the belated recognition but hope the honors extend to those in all branches who lost their lives defending their country.

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LEGISLATURE READY FOR YOLANDA'S LAW TOP ADDRESS CHILD MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES - The bill is a response to a 2006 report from Children's Hospital Boston and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children estimating that 102,000 of the 146,000 children needing mental health services in the state don't receive them.

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1967 “IMPOSSIBLE DREAM” RED SOX TEAM CATCHER RUSS GIBSON DIES AT 69 - He lived the dream — a double dream, actually — of a Fall River sports-loving kid.

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VIDEO: CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF BOSTON SETTLES INTO NEW BRAINTREE DIGS - The archdiocese has traded its 80-year-old chancery in Brighton for a sleek, four-story corporate building in the Blue Hill Commerce Center off Route 37 and Route 128.

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MELANIE’S LAW HELPING TO CURTAIL DRUNKEN DRIVING - The champions of Melanie’s Law hail its successes, but they acknowledge there is a long way to go.

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TWO-YEAR-OLD LAW ALLOWS RELATIVES TO BE PROSECUTED FOR LYING TO POLICE - Parents, siblings and legal guardians can be charged with being an accessory after the fact in Massachusetts, but legally they can’t be convicted.

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STATIONS FOR RAIL PROJECT UNDER REVIEW - A recommendation on which route the South Coast Rail project will take will be made next spring. There’s a chance Middleboro and Taunton will get a rail station, Lakeville will lose one and Raynham might get three.

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CHECKOUT LANE: PROTECT SKIN FROM SUN - Dr. Ramzi Saad, a dermatologist with South Shore Skin Center in Cohasset, recommends using sun blocks that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide because they block both UVA and UVB rays. Some blocks may only protect against UVB rays.

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COSTA: SO WHAT’S A VACATION? - As I write this, some of my wealthier friends are diving into deep lagoons in the Caribbean or are marveling at the luminous twilight in the south of France. I’m sitting here transfixed by the ropes of rain lashing the parking lot. You see, my friends are on vacation and I’m at work.

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BOB TREMBLAY: WHY MCCAIN WILL BE PRESIDENT - The Democrats have once again nominated a man who cannot win. The only circumstance that could cost McCain the election is if he throws a temper tantrum during a televised debate. And even then, people will still vote for him. "That man's got moxie," they'll say.

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RICK HOLMES: WIND POWER IS IN OUR FUTURE - A mighty wind is gathering behind wind power, and this time it's not all hot air.

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JEFF ADAIR: THE MORTGAGE CRISIS WAS CAUSED BY GREED - The recent death of a Massachusetts woman who committed suicide just before her foreclosed home was to be auctioned is but another example of the widespread mortgage crisis facing our nation.

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EDITORIAL: POLITICS AND THE PIKE - The Mass. Turnpike has always been a political football, and the Beacon Hill players are kicking it around again as the final seconds click off the legislative clock.

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EDITORIAL: CHALLENGES IN PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN - As American casualties have been declining in Iraq, they have been rising in Afghanistan. And that's just part of the bad news from the nearly forgotten front in George W. Bush's war on terror. The Taliban is on the march again. Al Qaeda is as strong as it was before 9/11. Opium from Afghan poppies is flooding world markets. The government of Hamid Karzai, which has never fully controlled the country outside the capital, is viewed as ineffective and corrupt.

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JOE BURNS: PAY NOW, SAVE LATER - I’d gladly consider paying a higher gas tax tomorrow for some real relief today, but I’m not fool enough to do it the other way.

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WITH NO PLACE TO TURN, PARENTS SEEK SITTERS ONLINE - Parents don’t have to rely only on word of mouth to find a decent babysitter to watch their children, whether it’s for a couple hours on a Friday night or for 40 hours or more during the week. The Internet has provided a quick and easy resource for parents and babysitters alike on sites like and

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WHY WEIGHT? WOMAN FEATURED IN FITNESS MAGAZINE AFTER DRAMATIC WEIGHT LOSS - Lauren Canuel, a Fall River native, at one time weighed 285 pounds. Today, she’s 43 and weighs 135 pounds — and that’s after having two children. She is featured in Fitness magazine.

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KIDS MAKE ALL-NATURAL DOG TREATS FOR FARMER'S MARKET - The founders of Doggie Delights, Owen Kefallinos and Grace Gaumer, are baking up fresh, all-natural dog treats and selling them at a local farmer’s market.

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WOMEN WEAVING NANTUCKET BASKETS RUN SMALL-SCALE BUSINESS - After spending 40-plus hours weaving a Nantucket Lightship Basket, Patty Campbell sometimes has a hard time handing over the finished product to a customer.

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VIDEO: THEY DIG CHRISTOPHER GORE - Beneath a hot sun, Fred Sutherland shovels through manicured grass into dark soil, uncovering fresh evidence about the life and times of 19th-century statesman Christopher Gore. He's part of a multiyear archaeological project to survey the grounds, fields and architecture of the Waltham estate built in 1806 by the Bay State's seventh governor.

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LITTLE X-CITEMENT: CONFINED ‘BELIEVE’ WASTES TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCES - I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but They are out to get us. Who? You know, Them! Who’s Them?

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‘BRIDESHEAD REVISITED’ FAILS TO MEASURE UP TO BOOK, TV SERIES - I sat transfixed through 12 hours of “Brideshead Revisited” when the British TV series aired on PBS in 1981. So I was looking forward to what the big screen could do with Evelyn Waugh’s great sprawling novel about life among the rich and famous who went to hounds by day and partied all night in great country homes during the years between two world wars.

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‘AN AMERICAN TEEN’: WHATEVER - The lightweight documentary “An American Teen” focuses on a group of Midwestern high school seniors as they struggle against angst, anxiety and acne in this, their final year, before embarking on the great unknown – college.

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NEW CSNY FILM SHOWS A NATION FAR FROM ‘OHIO’ - A film by Neil Young, “CSNY Deja Vu,” hits screens today, even as Crosby, Stills and Nash tour this summer without their colleague. The 95-minute film, part documentary/part concert film, depicts the quartet’s 2006 “Freedom of Speech” tour, where Young’s incendiary “Living With War” material was an integral part of their sets.

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