GHNS NATIONAL BUDGET for 7.29 editions

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GHNS NATIONAL BUDGET for 7.29 editions

Here are the top national stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at Please submit stories below no later than 6 pm local time, unless you have breaking news that is changing significantly.


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FIVE FAVORITES: Today, five-day series debuts on

THIS WEEK: PFW countdown, Outdoors section and more.

--LIFESTYLES (Health)--

HEALTH WATCH: Linking energy drinks to high-risk behavior. Weekly health rail, with items on energy drinks and students' bad behavior, obesity surgery without an incision and more.

HEALTH VIDEO: Low-impact exercises for seniors.

HEALTH PAGE: Peddle past the pumps.

BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES: What’s old is young again. Chicago Suburban.

RIDING FOR JESUS: Bikers share love of open road with love for Christ. Grand Island.

CULTURE CLASH: Controlling what goes in our mouths.

ONLINE SITTERS: With no place to turn, parents seek sitters online. Ledger.


BETTER THAN HARRY POTTER? (Good to localize) Harry Potter’s wizards have taken a back seat to the vampires thanks to the popular “Twilight” series. Rockford.

POP CULTURE: In other words, the books are just for show.

BACK TO SCHOOL BOOKS: From kindergarten to college, books for back to school. Canton.

KAY HIVELY: No match for 'The Miracle Worker.' Neosho.

‘BRIDESHEAD REVISITED’ fails to measure up to book, TV series. Ledger.

WHATEVER: The lightweight documentary “An American Teen” focuses on a group of Midwestern high school seniors as they struggle against angst, anxiety and acne in this, their final year, before embarking on the great unknown – college. Ledger.

CSNY: New Crosby, Stills and Nash film shows a nation far from ‘Ohio.’ Ledger.


KENT BUSH: Randy Pausch’s dying taught others how to live.

EDITORIAL: Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture’ full of firsts for living. Rockford.

TERRY MAROTTA: Why should anyone care what columnists have to say?

EDITORIAL: Bailout will help housing market. Norwich.

GARY BROWN: Measuring up to the average 'Bodies.'

JEFF VRABEL: Not as good at 'Dr. Mario' as previously thought.

DAN HALL: We bought then; we’re paying now.

KENT BUSH: Why doesn't health insurance cover green fees?

DANNY HENLEY: Names that are more than unique.

MARVIN VANGILDER: Symbolic tents define a serious need.

PETER COSTA: So what’s a vacation?

BOB TREMBLAY: Why McCain will be president.

JEFF ADAIR: The mortgage crisis was caused by greed.

EDITORIAL: Challenges in Pakistan, Afghanistan. MetroWest.

JOE BURNS: Pay now for gas, save later.

O'MAHONEY TOON: On banks and credit reports.

BRITT TOON: On the dangers of cell phones. Will be posted this evening.

EDITORIAL: A series of bold energy ideas has captured the imagination of Americans recently and provided hope that the nation can climb out of an economic and environmental hole.


Photo Gallery: Frog-jumping contest.

Photo: Duct tape boat race.

Caterpillar rebounds from tornado damage

Less than six months ago, Mother Nature dealt a harsh blow to Caterpillar Inc.'s hose coupling factory in Oxford, Miss. What few may realize, company officials will acknowledge now, is that the tornado that ripped through the plant on Feb. 5 nearly brought the entire corporation to a standstill. By Paul Gordon of the Peoria Journal Star.


OLYMPICS: Town struck by tragedy celebrates rower's Olympic journey. Utica.

FAIMON ROBERTS: ESPN, I love thee and I hate thee. Beauregard.

MIKE NADEL: Cubs at Brewers. (Column to be posted about 10:30 p.m.)