Company keeps working despite massive fire

Corina Curry

A business that lost a 13,000-square-foot building to a fire Tuesday opened Wednesday for its regular 6 a.m. shift with workers reporting to two other buildings that weren’t damaged.

John Huber, vice president of operations for North American Fabrication Co., said the company is going strong, and everyone is holding up well despite the massive fire that destroyed one of the site’s three shop buildings.

The fire burned for several hours and about a dozen multiple-spindle screw machines were lost, but no employees were injured — a blessing, Huber said.

“We’re just so grateful to the Lord that everybody’s safe,” he said.

About 70 people work at the automotive and hydraulic parts-manufacturing company that’s been at its location for the past 18 years.

The company has a 25-year history in the Rockford area.

Several area manufacturing companies have contacted NAFCO, Huber said, offering assistance of all kinds.

“Everybody’s been so good,” he said.

NAFCO employees need not worry about their jobs, Huber said. The company has plenty of work to keep everyone employed.

“We’ll just shift some work around into the other buildings,” he said. “We’ve been busy, we’re still going to be busy. We’ll just keep going.”

The company is in the process of fulfilling a government contract, making machine parts for soldiers serving in Iraq.

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