West Nile Virus found in West Roxbury mosquitoes

David Ertischek

Mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus have been found in West Roxbury, the Boston Public Health Commission said.

The commission does not release information on the exact location where the infected mosquitoes were found. Last week a red-tailed hawk in Jamaica Plain tested positive for the virus. No human cases have been discovered.

The city has already started larvicide replacement to reduce mosquito populations, said Dr. Anita Barry of the Communicable Disease Control Division at the BPHC. She added the virus poses a very low risk to humans.

Lower your risk

Use insect repellent when outdoors, especially from dusk to dawn

When possible wear long sleeves or pants

Make sure your windows and screens are in good repair so they don't allow mosquitoes the chance to breed

Stop mosquitoes from breeding

Turn over unused flowerpots, buckets, wheelbarrows and garbage cans

Remove leaves and other debris that can clog gutters and trap water

Dispose of or stop covering old tires

Cover swimming pools and kiddie pools when not in use