Teens show 'Heart' at Louisiana workcamp

Deidre Cruse

Teens from Washington, Illinois and Minnesota came to Plaquemine, La., last week to participate in a weeklong Catholic Heart Workcamp.

The teens lived and slept in the St. John School. By day, they worked at local homes on painting, general repair, cleaning and yard projects. They also assisted at the Salvation Army and at Our Brother’s Keeper, the two local thrift shops for the needy.

The camp was managed by Lora Brown, a member of the community, and Leah Bertke, a former St. John School teacher. The Iberville Council on Aging, Catholic Daughters and local churches were partners in the program. Catholic Heart Workcamp is a Florida-based organization founded in 1993.

Since its founding 10 years ago with 100 campers under the direction of Steve and Lisa Walker, the program has grown to include 9,000 campers in 38 cities across the country, as well as Jamaica and Mexico.

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