Rick Rogers: Scary to watch child struggle to breathe

Rick Rogers

I couldn’t sleep much last week.

Not after watching our oldest daughter, Quinette, struggle for each breath and feel like an oven to the touch.

It was two Sundays ago, and you could tell something was wrong with her.

As we watched TV downstairs, Quinette fell asleep on the couch. I quickly noticed that while she was sleeping she was struggling to breathe. She was wheezing, and would moan from time to time.

I went over to check on her and noticed she had a fever, and was very hot to the touch.

That night, my wife nor I could get much sleep.

Quinette slept on an air mattress in our room because of our concerns about her breathing.

The next morning, we took her in to the doctor’s office.

After running a few tests, the doctor became concerned. Her oxygen level was low, and her heart rate was high — not a good combination.

If her situation didn’t get better fast, he was going to admit her into the hospital.

After a few breathing treatments, Quinette started to perk up. Her oxygen level was up, but not where it needed to be, and her heart rate slowed down.

It was discovered that Quinette may have asthma, and the heat and allergies in the air may have triggered her reaction.

So, for the past week, Quinette has been going through breathing treatments three times per day. She is also taking several medications — most of which I ?can’t remember — and has been spending the majority of her time indoors.

And that’s not easy, considering for her birthday Friday she finally got a new bike. We had an agreement: If she learned how to ride her old bike without training wheels, we would get her a bike that fits her 8-year-old frame.

She came through on her end, so we had to deliver on ours.

But since Quinette is trying to cope with this asthma ordeal, she hasn’t been able to hit the streets and put her new bike to the test.

After several days of breathing treatments, it seems Quinette is starting to improve. She is getting a little color back in her face, and is becoming more active.

I will admit she put quite a scare into her Mom and I with this latest adventure. When Elizabeth called me at the office and said, “the doctor says if she doesn’t get better soon, he is better her in the hospital,” that will sure get your heart pumping as a parent.

And I know several of you have been through much, much worse ordeals and illnesses with your children.

I also know some of you have lost children to death and disease. My heart will always go out to parents who lose a child too soon. And while Quinette’s illness is minor in comparison, it was still scary.

Our hope is that her asthma will not be too serious that it will affect her day-to-day lifestyle. It may just be something she will learn how to live with.

Rick Rogers is the publisher of The Neosho Daily News. E-mail him at rrogers@neoshodailynews.com.