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For 8/12/08 editions

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CORRECTION: If you ran “Fun in the sun can also mean injuries, trips to ER,” please run the following correction: The source of the information used in a piece on trips to the emergency room was inadvertently left off. It should have credited

Lifestyles (Tuesday is Health)

HEALTH WATCH: Weekly rail, with items on the benefits of stopping and smelling the roses, avoiding West Nile virus, and more.

HEALTH PAGE: Race walking.

HEALTH VIDEO: This week, keeping a healthy diet while you’re on vacation.

DR. W. GIFFORD-JONES: How to be 'stroke smart.'

GETTING YOUR Zzzzs – People who are really sleepy and people who don’t sleep aren’t necessarily one and the same. Either way, they can be a health hazard to themselves and others, according to Kerry Lindquist, a certified polysomnographic technician at the new OSF Saint Anthony Sleep Disorders Center. ROCKFORD

PET TRICKS: New tricks for you and your dog. SPRINGFIELD, Ill.

BACK TO SCHOOL TOOLS: Gone are the days when a protractor, graph paper and a brand-new eraser were the must-have tools for school. Today it’s the laptop, MP3 player and flash drive many students want when they set foot in class again. ROCKFORD


GEORGE LUCAS: The master tries a new format and a new character approach in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." By Ed Symkus / CNC

GET REEL: Acting isn't always child's play.

PAKULA’S ‘PARALLAX’: “The Parallax View” was finely crafted 1970s thriller. SPRINGFIELD, Ill.

MUSIC REVIEW: 'Harps and Angels,' by Randy Newman


EDITORIAL: Pandering won’t solve energy woes - Sen. Barack Obama has settled into the familiar presidential candidate’s posture of pandering to the electorate. His speech on energy last week in Michigan, in which he announced he was in favor of tapping into the nation’s oil reserves to bring down gas prices, a windfall profits tax on oil companies and is open to more drilling as part of an energy bill compromise, was yet another example. SPRINGFIELD

DEIRDRE REILLY: 41-year-old Olympian mom has inspired me to compete in the Olympics.

KENT BUSH: Power nap could refresh your brain.

GARY BROWN: Bringing words of wisdom into the 21st century

CHARITA GOSHAY: Second chances demand good choices

JEFF VRABEL: Proof that music was better back then

ELIZABETH DAVIES: Yes! Moms rejoice as school starts

BENJAMIN WACHS: Governments looking more like student councils


OLYMPIC BASKETBALL PACKAGE: Preview stories for Olympic men's basketball can be found here:

MIKE NADEL: CHICAGO – Sexist pig or advocate for women's rights? Malicious meanie or voice of reason? Jealous, ugly, bald dude or not-jealous, ugly, bald dude? For 10 dizzying days, I was called those things and more, including some things that shouldn't be repeated in public.

WRESTLING GENIUS: Dustin Watson, the sports editor at the Linn County (Mo.) Leader and a former wrestler, will be writing a weekly column about professional wrestling (WWE, ECW, etc.). To check out his first offering, go to

FAIMON ROBERTS: Favre may be a Jet, but whole saga was a train wreck

LENNY MEGLIOLA: Bonds won't back down


SKYDIVER’S DEATH PUZZLES EXPERTS – A Glenarm man’s skydiving death during his first jump July 4 was something of an anomaly, parachuting experts say. SPRINGFIELD

CONSERVATION PROGRAM’S FATE: After months of speculation and lobbying, conservationists have a clearer picture of how the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Program will work in the near future. SPRINGFIELD

TRAVELERS SHIPPING LUGGAGE TO AVOID FEES: Facing fees of up to $50 to check in a piece of luggage when flying, some travelers have turned to shipping services to get their bags to their destination. MetroWest, Breitrose, on wire now


WILLIAM C. BAILEY: Good things in China

MAKING CENTS: Knowing your credit score

NOVEL APPROACH TO BOOK-SELLING: In an era of big booksellers, some independent stores have found a way to survive. SPRINGFIELD

GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICES: Despite higher prices, grocery delivery services ringing up new customers. LEDGER