Groom-to-be: My love is like a Lyndell’s cupcake

Auditi Guha

Somerville residents Jay Bell and Robin Rubenstein went for cupcakes on their first date in May 2007. Then they discovered Lyndell’s and became regulars there. Cupcakes have since become a special part of their lives.

As they walked past their favorite bakery one recent Saturday, imagine Robin’s surprise when she saw a marriage proposal - “Will you marry me Robin?” - written across six cupcakes in the display window.

After Robin read the cupcakes, Jay led her inside, knelt down on one knee and proposed to her. Lyndell’s staff and customers applauded as Robin accepted and Jay slipped a diamond ring on her finger.

“Lyndell’s has the best cupcakes around so it was an obvious choice,” Jay said.

Robin has been a Lyndell’s customer for five years and Jay followed after she introduced him to the wonders of the local bakery. “We’re really big fans of their cupcakes,” he said. “We go in every two to three weeks to get a few cupcakes there.”

Lyndell’s owner, Bill Galatis, said that this is first time they had a proposal in the store in its 121-year history. “It was exciting, it was fun, it was romantic and everything went off without a hitch and exactly as he wanted it,” he said. “We were honored they thought of us. They are both honored customers and we wanted to accommodate them.”

“It was a sweet day,” said Karin Galatis, Lyndell’s manager, who helped set up the event after Jay approached her with his idea. “Our cupcakes did it!”

A sweeter day is scheduled next November when the couple plans to have Lyndell’s cupcakes to celebrate their wedding.

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