Critic’sCupboard: Progressive Hamburger Press Set

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Progressive Hamburger Press Set


Spatula down

This burger-making apparatus is sleek, all right.

Three pieces of fine plastic with a non-slip handle and non-skid feet. Wow, high-tech. Even has a dimple in the surface. That’s for indenting the meat, which prevents the hamburger from swelling when cooked.

Thank goodness. I don’t know about you, but one thing I simply can’t abide is burger blow-up.

OK, I’ll quit with the sarcasm. This is silly. First of all, the burgers it makes are humongous. Next, it’s three more pieces of junk in your utensil drawer. Lastly, I don’t care if it is only five bucks, your best burger maker is free -- your hands.

-- Jennifer Mastroianni

Spatula up

Ever wonder how they get perfectly round burgers? A burger press is the secret.

Progressive International offers a new one that breaks some burger-press ground. It has a plate on a handle that lifts the formed burger from the mold. It’s then easy to slide it into the frying pan.

The tool is well made and should last a lifetime. It even has feet to keep it from sliding. It includes the option to form ribs in the burger or a dimple on the bottom. The dimple helps to cook it evenly.

Anywhere you need a flat cake, the Progressive will do the job. I made crab cakes and tuna burgers with it. It’s fun to use, cleans up in the dishwasher and is only $5.

-- Jim Hillibish

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