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Kid rocks at CMAC

HOPEWELL — Cowboy hats and denim seemed to be the unspoken dress code at the Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center as Kid Rock came to town last night. Fans outfitted in straw hats and Americana T-shirts came to see the self-proclaimed “rock ’n’ roll Jesus.”

After partying in the parking lots, where fans took turns playing their favorite Kid Rock songs on their car stereos, the crowd gathered in the renovated CMAC shell. As stage hands checked the equipment, the crowd grew louder with anticipation. Finally, stepping out in a crisp white track suit and trademark fedora, Kid Rock ignited the stage with an energy that never seemed to burn out during the night.

Kid Rock kept the audience engaged throughout his performance, calling on fans to sing along and keep the beat. After singing popular hits like “All Summer Long” and “So Hott,” he was joined on stage by Rev. Run, where they remixed Run-D.M.C. classics like “It’s Tricky.”

While fans captured the concert with their cameras, Kid Rock captivated the crowd with his high-energy beats and non-stop set list, even taking his turn at playing the guitar, drums and turn-table.

With his blend of country, hip-hop and rap, Kid Rock saturated the night with his unique style, barely taking any time to catch his breath. As cowboy hats were thrown on stage, and cell phones — and even lighters — lit up the amphitheater, Kid Rock ended his show, leaving the audience to exit CMAC while still singing along.

Seven people were charged with various crimes, ranging from theft to drug possession, at the concert.

Public to weigh-in on proposed nuke plant

OSWEGO — With preliminary plans in the works for a new nuclear power reactor in Oswego, officials from Constellation Energy and UniStar Nuclear are seeking public input.

Residents will have the opportunity to weigh-in on the issue at a public meeting to be held today at Sheldon Hall from 7-9:30 p.m., hosted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The project is a joint effort between Constellation Energy and UniStar Nuclear Energy. The companies encourage members of the community to attend the meeting and if desired, offer a statement of support.

Site characterization work began in 2007 to determine whether or not the proposed site would be suitable for the construction of a new nuclear power plant. The results returned so far have been favorable for constructing a new facility at Nine Mile Point. Additional studies are under way to assess the impact a new plant would have on vegetation, wildlife, noise and wetlands surrounding the site as well as its affect on traffic, cultural and socioeconomic factors in the community.

Jill Lyon, senior communications consultant for Constellation Energy, said Constellation and UniStar are pursuing a combined license application, which would allow Constellation tion and UniStar to construct and operate a new reactor facility. The application will be submitted by Sept. 30 of this year and the application process can take anywhere from 36 to 42 months to complete.  However, no definite decision has been made yet as both companies are in the process of evaluating four potential sites.

Constellation Energy projects that a new nuclear power facility at Nine Mile Point would provide roughly 4,000 construction jobs and 400 permanent positions. Constellation and UniStar have already partnered together to build a new reactor facility at Culvert Cliffs, Md.

Lyon said that the existing units based at Nine Mile Point “made it a likely site to explore further, provided it met Constellation’s expectations of safety, cost, regulatory stability and community support. We’ve enjoyed a strong level of support for our two units and take our role as a member of the community seriously.”

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station is one of the largest employers in Oswego County, providing 900 jobs with a payroll of $96 million in 2007 and a local tax base of more than $25 million in revenue to the town of Scriba, Oswego County and the Oswego City School District.