Newton mayor standing up for accused fire chief

Chrissie Long

Mayor David Cohen is standing behind Fire Chief Joseph LaCroix after marijuana was found in the department head's city-issued car last week.

Cohen will not ask for a drug test nor will he place LaCroix on administrative leave, saying that he believes there is no evidence LaCroix was involved in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

“I have every reason to believe Chief LaCroix had no knowledge that there were illicit drugs in his city vehicle,” Cohen said. “I have known Joe LaCroix for more than a decade. He has served in the Newton Fire Department for 36 years, and his record as Chief of the Department over the last [five] years has been exemplary. There is no evidence that he was involved in any wrongful activity.”

A police investigation is taking place in Marlborough, where LaCroix resides. LaCroix has said he was shocked to find the marijuana in his car, but he told Channel 7 that it might have belonged to a family member.