Suspect eludes manhunt in Mount Shasta

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
A CHP helicopter searched for a suspect who was never found in the Big Canyon Drive area of Mount Shasta on Sept. 23.

An extensive manhunt was conducted in the area of Big Canyon Drive in Mount Shasta on Tues. Sept. 23 in an attempt to apprehend an erratic driver who was traveling opposite traffic on I-5.

At about 4 p.m Officer Rogers of the California Highway patrol attempted to stop a van which was swerving over the yellow line, according to a CHP press release. The van, which was traveling north on Highway 89, failed to stop and continued toward I-5.

The CHP also reported that:

A large duffel bag was thrown from the passenger side window, which was later found to contain a loaded rifle, the CHP reported.

When the van reached I-5, the van entered the freeway via the southbound exit, and traveled southbound in the northbound lanes.

After a short amount of time the van made a sudden stop in the middle divider, and two men fled in opposite directions.

The passenger, Joseph Iujon of Central Valley, Calif.,  was apprehended immediately. The driver fled east toward Big Canyon Road, south of South Mount Shasta Blvd.

The search, which was described in the press release as “utilizing every available resource,” was unsuccessful.

Iujon was found to be a parolee at large, and was booked into Siskiyou County Jail. He refused to identify the driver of the van, according to the CHP.