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Q&A: Get to know Norwich Bulletin Custom Publications Editor Tim Malcolm

David Arkin: We are blogging next week as Leadership Series class comes to town

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YOM KIPPUR & BLINTZES: If you want to serve something special to break the fast on Yom Kippur, consider blintzes. These are very thin pancakes folded around a cheese filling and topped with butter, jam, berries or sour cream. Ledger, Feinberg, on wire now

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PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAITS: One is called “Grand Ol’ Gang.” The other “True Blues.” Both oil paintings, created by Andy Thomas, have Republicans and Democrats buzzing.

MUSIC REVIEWS: Check out the latest music reviews -- Raphael Saadiq (formerly of Tony Toni Tone), Otis Redding, Jennifer Hudson and more -- in our Music category:

GREG KINNEAR: Greg Kinnear recently spoke about his lead role in “Flash of Genius,” the based-on-fact story of college professor Bob Kearns, the man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper, only to have it stolen away from him by Ford Motor Company.

ED HARRIS: Ed Harris' first stab at directing was directing himself in “Pollock,” and now he returns with the rip-snorting, old-fashioned Western “Appaloosa,” in which he pulls off a hat trick of directing, co-starring and co-writing the script (with Robert Knott), an adaptation from the Robert B. Parker novel.


BRITT: Toon on the bailout: Wall St. vs. Main St. Will be posted this evening.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY: Let your voice be heard — register to vote, then make sure you cast your ballot.

CURT SMITH: One Bush could cost John McCain the election. Recalling the other Bush's lessons might save it.

LLOYD GARVER: When one of those morning "news" shows recently featured a story about people using the Internet to get medical information, I knew that this medical surfing had become an epidemic.

PAM ADAMS: For the record, felons can vote - A few weeks ago, during morning services at the Church of the Living God, Bishop Leroy Smith mentioned something about felons not having the right to vote. A church member passed him a note to make sure he did not leave the congregation confused. Bishop Smith made sure he told his audience that felons can and do vote in the state of Illinois.

EDITORIAL: Economy needs jolt for now, not drastic surgery - America's current economic distress, and the inability of Congress so far to confront it, are what happens when the citizens in a democracy lose faith in their leaders. An editorial from the Peoria Journal Star.


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COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATION: Paterno, Penn State roaring back. By Eric Avidon.


ECONOMY IN TURMOIL: Why you should care.

CURSES! Goat left at gate - Well, you can't blame Jim Gerodemos for trying. There he stood Wednesday, just outside the right-field gates to Wrigley Field, Cubs playoff tickets in hand for him - and for his goat, Tito. In the end, though, Gerodemos was given the same message the late Cubs owner P.K. Wrigley infamously sent to the equally late William "Billy Goat" Sianis on Oct. 6, 1945: You can come in, but your goat stays out. By Kirk Wessler of the Peoria Journal Star.

WINNERS IN A BAD ECONOMY: As investors, retirees, homeowners, homebuyers and business owners wait and worry about how, and whether, the economy will recover, another question surfaces: Who's winning?MetroWest, Reuell, on wire now

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2 VIRGIN MARY IMAGES: Five years after what people believed to be an image of the Virgin Mary appeared in a medical office window at Milton Hospital, a few people a week still come to see it. People are now viewing a similar apparition at a Mercy Medical Center building in Springfield. Ledger, Scheible, on wire now

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EXPLAINING ECONOMIC WOES TO KID: Experts say parents should explain family finances to kids - Parents and teachers are talking to kids about the country’s economic woes, teaching them the value of a dollar as they try to allay their fears. Ledger, Collins, on wire now

PHOTO: Hootie the owl visits college.

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CAT’S ECONOMIC CONCERNS: While Caterpillar Inc. remains in a position of strength, the meltdown of U.S. financial markets could put the company's customers and the entire economy at risk, Chairman Jim Owens told members of Congress on Wednesday. By Paul Gordon of the Peoria Journal Star.