Train of Thought: Passengers chime in on debate, financial mess

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Mount Shasta Herald

Rockford Register Star Political Editor Chuck Sweeny didn’t know there would be a financial market mess and a debate over Friday night’s debate when he booked an Amtrak trip to explore what average Americans think about the 2008 election.

So he found no shortage of interesting conversations starting Thursday night in Chicago and running through Friday afternoon in New Orleans. Below are just a few examples of what folks on The City of New Orleans had to say.

Artie Jones of Hammond, La., already knows whom he’s voting for: John McCain. He doesn’t need any televised debates. “The last time I voted for a Democrat was JFK.” That was in 1960, and the reason had to do with his being Catholic, same as Jack Kennedy.

Derek Boals, a business owner from Ludington, Mich., is no fan of the bailout package and used an alcohol analogy for Wall Street. “You don’t drink 25 beers and not have a hangover the next day. You can delay the hangover when you wake up by having a Bloody Mary.”

Joan Brumfield of Chicago’s South Side, also a business owner who is going to Mississippi to visit her mom, likes Barack Obama. Friends and associates tell Brumfield that “they’ll never let a black man become president,” but she tells them, “yes, they will. He’s a smart, black man. He listens to people.”

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