Train of Thought: What's on the line?

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Political Editor Chuck Sweeny and photographer Scott Morgan rode the rails this weekend to see what was “on the line” for voters in this election.

Turns out, they weren’t the only journalists, and they found one person who has a lot to gain or lose.

Anna Olsen, a newspaper writer from Denmark, was on The City of New Orleans train to get to Carbondale, where she had to take the bus to St. Louis for Thursday’s vice presidential debate.

Her perspective on Friday’s debate? Too much “posturing” and “bickering.” And her perspective on America’s public transportation, which she tries her hardest to use? It’s cumbersome.

Larry Myers, the sleeping car attendant on the up train back to Chicago, is following the election with great interest because John McCain is a persistent foe of Amtrak while Barack Obama is not. In fact, running mate Joe Biden rides the train daily.

“Maybe if the right person gets in (as president), we’ll get more jobs here. They’ve been cutting back all through the four years I’ve been here.”

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