The Wrestling Genius: What WWE is doing right

Dustin Watson

This week, I decided to try and challenge myself. In my recent columns, I have been critical of the WWE and its booking practices. In this week's column, I am going to talk about the things that I feel the WWE is doing right.

Santino Marella: One half of "Glamarella" makes the top of my list. Santino is a great comedic heel, as I wrote about in an earlier column. The thing WWE is doing right with Marella now is his mini-feud with Batista, and the hinting that began on Raw of his infidelity to Beth Phoenix. I have a feeling that Melina may be the Diva on the phone, setting up her return from a leg injury and turning Phoenix face.

John "Bradshaw" Layfield: JBL continues to be the top heel in the company, next to Chris Jericho. JBL is still working hurt, and is being protected in the ring beautifully. His feuds with Cena, Punk, and now Batista are well told, and put the participants in all three angles over well.

Kane v Rey Mysterio: The burlap bag of Kane's holding Mysterio's mask was out of left field and a great way to re-involve the returning Mysterio into the Main Event of Raw. Kane is being booked as a good, monster heel, and Mysterio is playing a great underdog. Now I hope WWE keeps the mask on Mysterio, a loss of that mask would alienate the latin fan base that WWE is trying to bring in.

The Brian Kendrick: WWE has brought The Brian Kendrick up to a near Main Event status on SmackDown. He is a talented performer, and his HBK-like promos with Diesel ... I mean Ezekiel Jackson backing him up is a good formula to stardom if it is followed through properly.

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero has been a gem in the rough as a heel GM. She has made "excuse me" a catch phrase, and draws more heat in some cases than the legit heels around her. The use of her character to advance storylines has been nearly flawless.

Evan Bourne: The former Matt Sydal has shattered the WWE's 6 feet tall or over mandate, and deservedly so. Bourne has highlighted nearly every match he has been a part of. It is only a matter of time before Bourne is wearing gold and pulling off incredible title matches. Originals: The Dirt Sheet, Santino's Casa, and Word Up are all well-produced, and usually entertaining additions to WWE's programming. The feud started up on between Cryme Tyme and Miz and Morrison is entertaining, but is kind of running its course unless the good guys start to get some wins.

Well, there you go. In all of WWE's programming, this list is something positive. Never let it be said that you can't do something if you try hard.

Dustin Watson is a professional-wrestling columnist for the Linn County Leader. You can reach him