Food for Thought: Grilled-salmon taste without the grill

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Critic's Cupboard: McCormick Grill Mates Salmon Seasoning


Jim Hillibish: It’s hard to improve on grilled salmon -- maybe a little lemon juice and fresh dill, but nothing else.

So what happens if you don’t have time to fire up the grill? Plan B is to open the shaker cap on McCormick’s Grill Mates Salmon Seasoning. This combination of salt, chili peppers, herbs, sugar and tomatoes includes “natural cedar smoke flavor.” It’s not a perfect substitute, but it can improve your pan-fried or broiled salmon steaks or fillets.

This powder is strong and highly aromatic, so a scant sprinkle will do. Remember that the main ingredient is salt. No extra is needed.

The smoke flavoring is similar to grilling salmon the en vogue way on a cedar plank. It’s pretty good on shrimp and other seafood, too. You cannot hope to replace your grill with a bottle of this, but it will add a nice flavor to your stove-top efforts.

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Easy recipe: Stuffed Peppers

1 1/2 to 2 ounces of white parboiled rice

1 pound of ground meat (beef, lamb or pork)

6 large red bell peppers

1 egg

salt, pepper, paprika


Cook the rice. Turn on the oven at 390 degrees F to preheat, while placing a lasagna pan with the bottom covered in oil (or water or thin tomato sauce) inside.

Cut out the stems and the seeds of the peppers so that the peppers form a cup.

Mix the rice, the egg and the ground beef. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. Fill the peppers, set them into the lasagna pan and steam for 45 minutes.

Serve with green salad and tomato sauce.

Tip of the Week

Let raw potatoes stand in cold water for at least half an hour before frying to improve the crispiness.

Food Quiz

The runner bean is a perennial plant with scarlet or white flowers. From what part of the world did the species originate?

A. China

B. North Africa

C. Central America

D. Southwest Asia


Answer is at bottom of column

Wise to the Word: Quesadilla

Quesadilla (kay-saw-DEE-yah): A double flour tortilla with savory Mexican fillings often cut into wedges for appetizers. Spread a thin layer of refried beans, sliced peppers, shredded chicken or beef and diced Monterey Jack cheese on one tortilla. Place another on top. Fry in oil on both sides until golden.

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Number to Know: 19.7

Calories in one cup of raw eggplant, cubed. –

The Dish On ...

“Olives and Oranges: Recipes and Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Beyond”

By the time she was a teenager, Sara Jenkins had lived all over the Mediterranean, from Italy and France to Spain, Lebanon and Cyprus. The family eventually put down roots in a ramshackle farmhouse in a small Tuscan village, where she learned how to make ragù and handmade pasta at the elbow of her Italian "grandmother" on the nearby farm.

In “Olives & Oranges,” Jenkins shares the simple, striking dishes she learned at the source. Many are favorites from childhood. Others have a contemporary sensibility.

Jenkins shows how understanding the Mediterranean "language of flavor" can help you follow your instincts and make your own great meals based on what you have, too.

From the Beer Nut’s Blog

I’m all for people drinking responsibly at a bar. People should not head to a bar after work, get toasted and then get behind the wheel.

But, the recent decision by the Framingham, Mass., Board of Selectmen to ban any beer that is larger than 16 ounces from being served is not the right thing to do.

From a beer geek standpoint, sometimes the proper glassware is more than 16 ounces, such as a glass for a hefeweizen, which is typically 16.9 ounces.

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Food Quiz Answer

C. Central America

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