Todd G. Higdon: Relax and enjoy some popcorn

Todd G. Higdon

Sometimes it is nice to just rent a movie or watch TV with some good old homemade popcorn.

The other day while visiting my parents, I noticed some popcorn in a Zip-Loc bag. My grandmother, Nanny (the name she goes by), is the “popcorn queen.”

She makes the tasty treat, and it has come to be known as a secret family recipe. From time to time when I was growing up, Nanny made popcorn, either for us to eat while watching a movie or even when we would travel across the United States.

I can’t explain or even want to give away her secret, but it takes a special type of popcorn that Nanny uses. When you try it, you want more and more. As Halloween came around, Nanny would always have a special candy bag set aside for Greg and I, filled with — you guessed it — popcorn.

And when Nanny had no popcorn to make, it was up to my Dad. Dad, like Nanny, enjoyed her popcorn with only salt, no butter. However, Mom, Greg and I loved our popcorn with extra, extra butter.

So as the weather starts to turn colder and colder, wrap up with blanket and watch that movie with some popcorn.

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