Alice Coyle: Natural wonder at Niagara

Alice Coyle

It’s been about a week since I’ve written about Canada, which may have you wondering, has she run out of things to say about our neighbors to the north? Nothing could be further from the truth, I assure you. While my last two offerings touched on Toronto, its diversity, its love of sports and its really tall buildings, Niagara Falls is the focus here.

We ended our long weekend trip last August with a stop at the Canadian side of the falls.   I had never seen this natural wonder, although my husband had been to there when he was about 9 years old, the same age as our son, Christopher. After a weekend of sports-related activities – the Red Sox vs. the Blue Jays and hugging the Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame — it was good to get back to nature.

I had heard much about Niagara Falls from my father who took my mother there on their honeymoon trip back in 1961. Canada was a very big honeymoon destination back in those days when couples just got in their cars and drove off into the sunset; no reservations, no three-week bookings at all-inclusive tropical resorts.