New England budget 10.13.08

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VIDEO: BLINKING EXPERT PREDICTS PRESIDENT BASED ON EYE ACTION DURING DEBATES - Joseph Tecce, a Wellesley resident and a psychology professor at Boston College, is a world-renowned expert on presidential candidates’ blinking. Since the 1988 race between former President George H.W. Bush and Gov. Michael Dukakis, Tecce has been able to accurately predict who will be the next president based on who blinked faster during the presidential debates.

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STING OPERATION BUSTS DRIVERS FOR ILLEGALLY TRANSPORTING STUDENTS - An early morning sting operation by Randolph police and state inspectors busted five drivers for illegally transporting children to schools.

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MOVIE THEATERS STILL BUSY IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES - Consumer spending may be down, but movie attendance remains steady during tough times, as they have during past economic downturns.

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CAR SHOPPERS SEEK DEPENDABILITY IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES - Bob Hyman, sales manager at Tufankjian Toyota Scion of Braintree, says many car buyers are turning to crossover vehicles rather than SUVs.

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KERRY FIRES BACK ON AIG; SPEAKS ON ISSUES VOTERS FACE - U.S. Sen. John Kerry called his challenger's charge that he has a stake in foundering insurance firm AIG "typical smear tactics," but the senator has received tens of thousands in donations from AIG employees and acknowledged he had no idea what his billionaire wife's holdings may be.

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HISTORY FOR HIRE AT PLIMOTH PLANTATION - The men who portray former colonial Gov. Edward Winslow and Indian ambassador Hobbamock will be the Thanksgiving dinner guests of an anonymous Cape Cod businessman who won that right after bidding $5,000 on eBay in a fundraiser for Plimoth Plantation.

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PHOTO GALLERY: CRANBERRY PICKING TIME - For most of Massachusetts the sign of summer being over and cooler days of autumn arriving is apple-picking time. Here on Cape Cod the signal is cranberry harvest time.

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PHOTO GALLERY: GIGANTIC GOURD GROWN IN MASSACHUSETTS - Extreme gardener Steve Connolly says his orange giant could weigh as much as 1,800 pounds. If it’s anywhere near that, it could break the world record.

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PHOTO GALLERY: UP, UP AND AWAY AT KITE FESTIVAL - The East Meets West Kite and Cultural Festival featured a 33-foot long American flag trailing a 300-foot dragon kite, along with Eastern- and Western-inspired kites.

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COMMUNITIES FEEL BITE OF UNCOLLECTED DOG FEES - Across the region, in Brockton, Middleboro, Raynham and elsewhere, communities are losing thousands of dollars in uncollected dog license fees and late fines — at a time when they face a budget crunch that is getting worse as the Wall Street mess trickles down to Main Street.

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AS DOLLAR RISES, BRAZILIANS SEND MORE CASH HOME, DELAY RETURN - Like many Brazilian immigrants who send money home, Alex Vidal pays close attention to the exchange rate between the dollar and Brazil's currency, for it is one of the main reasons why Brazilians decide to stay here or go home.

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MAKING CENTS: BANKS CAN END EQUITY CREDIT LINES - Do you have a home equity line of credit? Be careful. I have seen two situations where the owners of the property have received letters from the bank to shut the lines down. They weren't asking the homeowner to stop drawing on the line; they simply turned off their ability to draw down any more money.

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MASS MARKET: DEPOSITORS SEEK SHELTER FROM STORM IN SMALLER BANKS - If bank dividends move at all these days, they usually plunge downwards or disappear completely. But a community bank in Hingham is quietly bucking the trend.

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EDITORIAL: 'CRUMMY DECISION' BUT NECESSARY CUTS - (Anticipating Patrick's cuts tomorrow) When hundreds of millions of dollars are taken out of 43 percent of the budget rather than the entire state spending, it's hard to imagine symbolism will be the only victim.

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EDITORIAL: VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY - It's been a record-breaking year for politics: Voters participated in the primaries in record numbers. New marks have been set for campaign spending and number of donors. The party conventions and candidate debates have drawn huge audiences.

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JEFF ADAIR: WE NEED TO CALM DOWN - Every day it seems the Dow drops another 500 points. Like many people, I've stopped looking at my 401(k), or as one person put it, my 101(k). Luckily, I've got years to go before I hit retirement age and need the money.

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TIM MURRAY: TRACK TO THE FUTURE - It was a major problem - how to move the massive amount of material needed for construction of the first skyscraper in Massachusetts. The solution came through innovation, and the adaptation of emerging technology. The result created a new industry in America.

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EDITORIAL: TWO SIDES OF VOTE FRAUD - As the election gets closer, both parties are accusing the other of cheating. This shouldn’t be surprising.

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ALICE COYLE: NATURAL WONDER AT NIAGARA - It’s been about a week since I’ve written about Canada, which may have you wondering, has she run out of things to say about our neighbors to the north? Nothing could be further from the truth, I assure you.

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DAN ZANES IS THE BIG DADDY OF FAMILY MUSIC - Former band member of the Del Fuegos aims to make kids’ music cool.

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SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF AT THE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART - Tara Donovan uses everyday materials that mimic the beauty of the organic world.

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VIDEO: CLASSIC SCULPTURES, PAINTINGS GIVE GLIMPSE INTO WEIN'S WORLD - Albert Wein created some of the most heroic and sensual sculptures you've probably never seen.

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VIDEO: ROBERT PINKSY SHARES POETRY WISDOM - “As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination for the sound of words,” Poet Robert Pinsky told a near-capacity crowd gathered in the library’s Fehlow Room last Wednesday.

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LONDON ACTORS BREATHE LIFE INTO WELLESLEY COLLEGE'S 'THE WINTER'S TALE' - If it's autumn and the leaves are beginning to fall, Actors From The London Stage must be coming to town to perform a Shakespearean play at Wellesley College.

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LENNY AT LARGE: 'NOVEMBER' ARRIVES EARLY - Richard Snee, the Boston actor of high repute, had other things on his mind when the call came. The Lyric Stage Company of Boston called. They had chosen to do David Mamet's "November." Was Snee interested in reading for it, perhaps for the lead, Charles Smith?

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GREEN THUMBS UP: FALL FRUITS ENLIVEN A GREY LANDSCAPE - As I gaze out my windows on a dreary autumn afternoon, I long for summertime warmth and sunshine. Sky-blue morning glories, whose tender tendrils twine along my deck railing, seem to share my yearnings as they reach for the illusive golden orb and struggle to open their delicate blossoms.

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LORETTA LAROCHE: NUTRITION LABELS ON BOTTLED WATER: WHAT’S THE POINT? - Nutrition labels on bottled water: What’s the point? If you want a good laugh read one. It states it contains no fat and no calories.

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