The Wrestling Genius: Free agency in wrestling

Dustin Watson

So this week I am interested in the term "free agent." Recently, Kevin Nash was declared a free agent as his TNA contract had expired and he was hinting at a WWE return. This, to me at least, was nothing more than a cheap tactic to get TNA to cave in to his demands on a new contract. Apparently it worked, because he showed back up last night at a TNA pay per view and cost Samoa Joe the TNA title.

Free agency is meant to indicate no ties, but in wrestling that simply is a misnomer and something that is hard to be true. Wrestlers either have very strong loyalties or none at all, in my experience.

I know that the hope for a wrestler to go beyond the status of contracted performer status is a big one, but the entire basis of professional wrestling back to carny days is based off of this system.

Is it perfect? Not by any means. But as long as performers are being paid, then there is nothing much to complain about. Should wrestlers have some kind of system to help get them work? Sure. But until that day, free agency is nothing more than a dream for wrestlers.

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