Judge allows autopsy photo viewing in double-murder case

Norman Miller

Jurors will be allowed to see several autopsy photos of the head wounds a Framingham mother and son received when they were murdered in May of 2006, a Middlesex Superior Court judge ruled today.

Jeremias Bins' lawyer, Earl Howard, argued that the photos would be too prejudicial to his client.

Bins, 32, is charged with murdering his wife, Carla Souza, 38, and his stepson, Caique Souza, 11, by beating them to death with a hammer on May 20, 2006.

Judge Paul Lu made several other rulings on motions today prior to the start of Bins' double murder trial.

Wednesday, both sides will work on empaneling a jury, and a site visit is scheduled for Thursday. Jurors will be brought to the murder scene at 27 Gordon St., Framingham, as well as 11 Aaron St., where Bins was alleged to walk to after the murder, and the Framingham Police station.

Opening statements are scheduled for Friday, to be followed by the prosecution's witnesses.

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