Retiring county counsel DeMarco recognized

Dale Andreasen
Supervisor Bill Overman presents retiring county counsel Frank DeMarco with a plaque

California’s longest-serving county counsel, Frank DeMarco, was honored Tuesday of last week as the board of supervisors passed a resolution expressing appreciation for his years of service to the county and wished him a happy retirement with two cakes, snacks and with a lot of friends and colleagues speaking in admiration of his character and professional performance.

DeMarco began his career with Siskiyou County in 1967 as assistant district attorney. In 1971 he was appointed to the position of deputy county counsel and assumed the position of county counsel on Jan. 26, 1973. His retirement is effective Nov. 1.

Board chair Bill Overman praised DeMarco’s work ethic and job performance. “Frank has been around since the Mayflower,” he joked

“This is the end of an era,” said assistant county counsel Don Langford, “Frank is the Cal Ripkin of county counsels.”

“It has been a great privilege to work with Frank,” Langford continued, “Whatever Frank was doing, he was always steadfast in doing the public good. He deeply respected the board of supervisors as individuals and as an institution.”

DeMarco mentioned that he is not going to quit the practice of law, but that he looks forward to “the changes that life brings as they come around.”

He thanked all those present, which included the board of supervisors, former county supervisor Bill Hoy, other county personnel, members of the court community and friends.

In particular, DeMarco singled out his father for appreciation, saying, “He always told me to make sure you do the right thing.”

DeMarco has been doing that for Siskiyou County for more than 40 years.