New England budget 10.16.08

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VIDEO: TRUSTEES OF RESERVATIONS CELEBRATES 100TH PROPERTY - A former subsistence farm, Cormier Woods in Uxbridge was willed to the Trustees of Reservations by owner James Cormier upon his death in 2005. The 175-acre parcel represents the nonprofit group's 100th conservation property, and will be unveiled to the public during a celebration Saturday.

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IN THE RED, STATE WILL CUT 1,000 JOBS AND $1 BILLION – With worries of a deep recession gripping the country, Gov. Deval Patrick announced the state will eliminate 1,000 jobs and cut $1 billion in spending to cope with a projected $1.4 billion shortfall.

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BEVERLY SOLDIER KILLED IN ACTION IN AFGHANISTAN - Spc. Stephen Fortunato, 25, of Beverly was killed in action Monday in Afghanistan when his Humvee hit a roadside bomb, a family member confirmed Wednesday.

Beverly Citizen, Mac Alpine, on wire now

RAYNHAM WOMAN IS ‘LIVING PROOF’ OF EARLY SUCCESS OF NEW BREAST CANCER DRUG - Although Mary-Beth Petit had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, she found it just a year after a new drug was released on the market that has given her and others hope for a longer life.

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PHOTO: JUST HANGING OUT - Ellis Harlow, 12, left, and  Dan Turner, 11, both of Plymouth, swing at the Holmes Library playground in Halifax on Monday afternoon.

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VIDEO: A HAUNTING WE WILL GO AT LAKEVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE - The din of roaring chainsaws, intermingled with panicked screams, the sounds of running feet and strains from the theme to John Carpenter’s “Halloween” can mean but one thing on October weekends at the former Ted Williams Camp. The Lakeville Haunted House is once again scaring up money for sundry good community causes.

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PHOTO: IDLE HULLS - Canoes and kayaks on a storage rack at Kin's Landing in Norwell on the North River.

Ledger, on wire now

PHOTO: LEAF PEEPER - Lily Often, 2, of Grafton checks out the trees as she searches for autumn leaves at Hopkinton State Park.

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MORE THAN 1,000 FLOCK TO SECOND PLYMOUTH ROCK STUDIOS JOBS PRESENTATION – Studio founders say theirs is a recession-proof industry that will bring thousands of construction, studio operation and movie production jobs to the South Shore.

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NEW GYM A DREAM COME TRUE FOR BRIDGEWATER WOMAN - For Lydia Connelly of Bridgewater, the opening of Stardust Gym this Saturday, Oct. 18, makes a long-held dream a reality.

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REPORT SAYS NEW ENGLAND ECONOMY BECOMING MORE KNOWLEDGE-BASED - A new Nellie Mae Education Foundation report has found that in order for New Englanders to prosper in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, changes must be made in how people are educated.

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OCEAN SPRAY SUES RIVAL CRANBERRY PROCESSOR DECAS - Ocean Spray says Decas is using its patented process for dried cranberry manufacturing, but Decas claims Ocean Spray is simply trying to bog down its competition.

Ledger, Chesto, on wire now

PETITION DRIVE FAILS TO SAVE BELOVED STARBUCKS - A last-ditch petition drive to persuade Starbucks corporate headquarters not to close the Stoughton coffee shop has failed. The store will shut down Friday at 9 p.m.

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EDITORIAL: QUINN BILL - The Quinn Bill was left untouched in this round and we hope for the

sake of an educated and well-trained police force, it stays that way as Patrick seeks further reductions.

Ledger, 7 p.m.

GUEST COLUMN: A HARSH WIND BLOWS - It has been 70 years since the last massive hurricane ripped through New York and New England. There is little question that another such storm will strike this region. The question that remains is how prepared and protected will we be?

Ledger, former FEMA director James Lee Witt and retired CG Adm. James M. Loy, 7 p.m.

O'MAHONEY CARTOON: Good news! Gas is only $1.75 higher than when Bush took office.

Ledger, 7 p.m.

PETER CHIANCA: BUILDING A BETTER BULLET – Science has finally invented the environmentally safe bullet. Made of non-toxic tungsten instead of nasty old lead, these fancy new bullets would not cause any harm if they were, say, eaten by a goose. Presumably they would still do some damage if they traveled through a goose at a high velocity, but what do you want?

CNC, on wire now

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DEBORAH E. GAUTHIER: A SPEECH FOR SARAH PALIN - Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin could have had a teachable moment yesterday during her appearance before students at Dover High School in New Hampshire. Her words could have slowed, and even reversed, the slide toward the election of Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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DEIRDRE REILLY: JOE THE PLUMBER, AND OTHER BIG POLITICAL ISSUES - Was it just me, or did everyone begin to feel for Joe the Plumber? I have it on good authority that the real Joe the Plumber was at home innocently eating his dinner Wednesday night when Obama and McCain both started mentioning him, and then directly speaking to him, tapping on the glass of his TV to get his attention.

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HARVEST OF HORRORS TURNS 30, IS SUBJECT OF DOCUMENTARY - It got off to a frightening start and it’s still a pretty scary venture. Now in it’s 30th consecutive year, the Harvest of Horrors, has become a Falmouth Halloween tradition, one that will be the subject of a feature-length documentary by independent filmmaker Woody Bavota. Filming will begin this weekend when the Harvest of Horrors opens at Tony Andrew’s Farm, at 394 Old Meetinghouse Road in East Falmouth.

Falmouth Bulletin, Burns, on wire now

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HISTORIC HOME TOUR CHANNELS THE CHARM OF CANTON - Imagine a time when Washington Street was a narrow, dirt road, and many downtown homes included barns and horses in their back yards. Townspeople would walk past wild woods to reach the library, and farmers would lead their oxen down the street to reach the blacksmith.

Canton Journal, Hall, on wire now

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BUSH LEAGUE: OLIVER STONE SCRUTINIZES U.S. PRESIDENT IN 'W.' - Though "W." is far from a great film, even mediocre Stone is better than what passes for most of mainstream cinema today. If anything, the film will provoke discussion in an election year. The right will likely complain that the entire film is a crock while the left will likely complain that Stone was too kind to Bush.

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RAQS ROCKS THE REGENT WITH BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS - Dancers remain a fixture in Middle Eastern restaurants, where patrons do sometimes place tips on their costumes in a show of appreciation, as dictated not by the practice of strip clubs, but, dance historians argue, by age-old custom.

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AN ODDS-ON FAVORITE EXHIBIT ON 'RACING LIFE' AT SUFFOLK DOWNS - The jockeys, trainers and gamblers Touster photographs are just plain folks brought together by gorgeous steeds participating in a sporting ritual that has seen better days.

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WINE WISDOM: WONDERFUL WINES OF SPAIN - My objective with this column is to help readers find great wines and save money in the process. For smart wine shoppers, wines from Spain are excellent and a great value.

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HOUSE CALL FOR THE HUMAN CONDITION IN PLAY - Winchester Players present Neil Simon's tribute to Anton Chekhow, 'The Good Doctor.'

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TANZANIAN CHOIR TOURS BOSTON AND SUBURBS - The Pommern Village Choir that has come from Tanzania, Africa, with help from the Plymouth Church of Framingham will share its music in more than 20 concerts over the next three weeks.

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