Owner of Stoughton puppy mill pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The 56-year-old owner of a defunct Stoughton pet shop pleaded guilty Thursday in Norfolk Superior Court to seven counts of animal cruelty and one count of destruction of property.

Linda Snow, 56, who ran Missy’s Puppyland on Route 27, was given three years of supervised probation and one year unsupervised.

Snow was leasing a home on Thayer Circle in Randolph when the landlord of that home arrived on May 28 and saw dozens of dogs inside and swarms of flies. The Randolph Health Inspector condemned the property home.

After acquiring a court-order to seize the animals within, Animal Rescue League officers took 89 dogs, including many newborn puppies, from the property. All were filthy, some were encased in mats of fecal material and hair, some were malnourished.

The property charge was brought against her for allowing animal filth to ruin the home.

Prosecutors from the Norfolk District Attorney’s office requested that Snow be banned from any contact with animals, but Judge Paul Chernoff allowed her to keep two pets. They will have a microchip monitoring device implanted, will be subject to impromptu inspection and will be spayed or neutered.

She can have no other contact with companion animals and must stay away from the offices of the Animal Rescue League in Boston and the landlord of the damaged property.

The Animal Rescue League and a lawyer for the owner of the house were consulted before the plea.

Snow’s co-defendant, Mark Zimmerman, has had a warrant out for his arrest since he defaulted on his Norfolk Superior Court arraignment in July.