New England budget 10.17.08

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VIDEO: General manager discusses 2009 niche calendar

DAVID ARKIN: Leadership Series is wrapped, now the work starts for editors


PHOTO: MORNING CONVERSATION - Lobstermen talk just before heading out of Green Harbor for a day’s work.

Ledger, on wire now

PHOTO: PUMPKIN PREFERENCES - Picking out pumpkins at Nessralla Farm in Halifax are, from left, Emily Cronis, 11, of Weymouth and James and William Sabin, 8-year-old twins from Hanover.

Enterprise, on wire now

PHOTOS: IT'S HUE, YOU KNOW - Vibrantly colored leaves have begun to blanket the ground in the Central Cemetery in Randolph.

Ledger, on wire now

REGION'S TREES PRIMED FOR PERFECT FALL FOLIAGE COLOR - "This is probably one of the best years," said Scott LaFleur, horticulture and botanic garden director for the New England Wildflower Society and Garden in the Woods in Framingham. "From now through the next week or two we will be in peak foliage."

MetroWest, Haneisen, on wire now

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ON CAPE COD, THIEVES DIVIDED BETWEEN OBAMA AND MCCAIN - From Brewster to Eastham and down to Chatham, residents all over the region are reporting that lawn signs expressing support for their choice of president are going missing. Police say that it’s an even split between Obama and McCain signs being stolen.

Cape Codder, Desroches, on wire now

DNA LINKS NEW HAMPSHIRE MAN TO ATTACKS ON PROSTITUTES - DNA test results have linked a New Hampshire suspect to a string of brutal attacks on prostitutes in Brockton and New Bedford, a prosecutor revealed in court Thursday. The tests found DNA samples taken from Brian D. Knippers, 35, of Newmarket, N.H., in August match DNA evidence recovered in the rapes of prostitutes in the city.

Enterprise, Boyle, on wire now

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PULITZER GIVES HARVARD ART MUSEUM 31 MAJOR WORKS OF ART, $45M - Harvard University Friday announced that the Harvard Art Museum has received a gift of 31 major works of modern and contemporary art and $45 million from Harvard alumna Emily Rauh Pulitzer, a former Harvard Art Museum curator, longtime supporter and friend of the museum and of Harvard, and wife of the late Joseph Pulitzer Jr.

Cambridge Chronicle, on wire now

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CAPE BUSINESSMAN DONATES PLANTATION’S HISTORIC THANKSGIVING DINNER PRIZE TO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL - Having spent one Thanksgiving at Children’s Hospital with a sick child, a Cape Cod businessman wants to cheer up others facing a similar holiday this year.

Ledger, Race, on wire now


MEET THE MAKEUP MAFIA: WEB SITE DRAWS INDUSTRY ATTENTION - Virtually a giant blog, offers reviews of more than 800 products for eyes, face, hair, lips and body - all written by a cadre of women from across the country who sample makeup and skin care products then blog about them on the Web site.

MetroWest, Diederich, on wire now

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A PALATE FOR PORTUGUESE: DUNKIN' DONUTS INTRODUCES CHOURICO SANDWICH - If you’ve ever thought “where’s the chourico” in your favorite coffee brewer’s breakfast sandwich, you can stop wondering.

Herald news, Allard, on wire now

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CANDY MAKER TURNS TO CARAMEL POPCORN TO SWEETEN WINTER - You may envy a candy maker’s life but when it comes to the business end of the business, all is not sweetness and light.

Provincetown banner, Sowers, on wire now

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•    NO ON QUESTION 1 (eliminating income tax)

•    YES ON QUESTION 2 (lesser pot penalties)

•    YES ON QUESTION 3 (end dog racing)

MetroWest, 7 p.m.

O'MAHONEY CARTOON: An American patriot: Joe the Plumber

Ledger, 7 p.m.

GUEST COLUMN: SCHOOL SAFETY - Much as every terrorist attempt to sabotage planes – shoe bombers, drink threats - results in further restrictions for us all, so every school shooting further erodes our rights of privacy and our sense of well-being. Eventually, we all become victims.

Ledger, guest column, Lieberman, former Quincy resident and author of new book on school

shootings. Oct. 19-25 is School Safety Awareness Week, 7 p.m.

GUEST COLUMN: HOCKEY MOM TO NURSING MOM - The breastfeeding stigma may continue to erode with an overall resurgence in breastfeeding and perhaps a nursing Vice President.  Affording women the protection to nurse in public may be a baby step but is one that is both important and long  overdue.

Ledger, guest column, Kelleher, research director for UMass-Boston Center on Women's

Studies. w/file Mahoney toon.

GUEST COLUMN: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - One in three women in Massachusetts report suffering from domestic violence in their lifetime-that's higher than the number diagnosed with breast cancer. With the steep downturn in our economy, this "epidemic" will surely get worse. Couples under extensive financial strain have three times the rate of domestic violence as others, according to a U.S. Department of Justice.

Ledger, guest column, Rios and Halpern, pediatrician and maxillofacial  surgeon respectively at Harvard Vanguard in Braintree.

PHILIP MADDOCKS: PAULSON SEEKS FUNDING FOR NEW RESCUE PLAN FOR HIS OLD RESCUE PLAN - Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. today sought Congressional approval for an additional $700 billion to fund a new rescue plan for his old rescue plan.

CNC, on wire now




IRISH ARTIST IS INSPIRED BY SALEM - When artist and former social worker John Patterson was 27, he left his home in Ireland and came to live in Salem. When he wasn’t working with troubled teens in Lynn, he spent free time wandering Salem’s streets and sketching its cemeteries and historical buildings.

CNC, D'Agostino, on wire now

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THANKSGIVING’S APPROACHING, AND SO IS AMERICA’S HOMETOWN THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION - Every year America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration pays homage to our nation’s history and heritage, and this year Plymouth will again celebrate the Pilgrim legacy. While the highlight for many will be the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in its 13th year, several events are planned during what will be three days of celebration.

Old Colony Memorial, Koch, on wire now

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DAN BLAKESLEE'S CREEPY ALTER EGO GETS SET TO HAUNT SALEM - He may not have bats in his belfry, but this much is clear: Dan Blakeslee loses his head every year around this time. He starts calling himself Doctor Gasp — and, more worrisome, spells it with three exclamation points!!!

CNC, Lockwood, on wire now

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JUDY EISENBERG ON SAVING DAHLIAS, AND THAT POWDERY STUFF ON THE LILAC LEAVES - Once dry, cut the foliage off the tubers. Put the tubers in a paper bag or cardboard box filled with dry sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, or sawdust, making sure the tubers don’t touch each other. Store in a dry, cool (40-50 degrees) location until re-planting them in the spring.

Somerville Journal, on wire now

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NICHE CRAFT: FINE FURNISHINGS SHOW IN PROVIDENCE - High-quality craftsmanship is a given at the 13th annual Fine Furnishings & Fine Craft Show coming up next weekend at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.

Herald News, on wire now

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DEBRA STRICK: WILD THINGS: WITCH-HAZEL IS A 'DIVINE' NATIVE SHRUB - Halloween is a great time to celebrate the witch-hazel. Although many only recognize the astringent made from this great native shrub, this season we celebrate its beautiful late foliage - one of the last to linger as it goes out in a brilliant yellow.

MetroWest, Strick, on wire now

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MOVIE REVIEW: 'HAPPY-GO-LUCKY' - You’ve probably never heard of Sally Hawkins, but the charming Brit is about to make a name for herself on the strength of her mesmerizing turn in Mike Leigh’s deeper-than-it-looks comedy "Happy-Go-Lucky.''

Ledger, Alexander, on wire now

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