Randy Hogan: Hollywood is weaving a tangled web of deceit

Randy Hogan

With the exception of sporting events and a few old reliable programs, I don’t watch television much anymore. I quit going to the movies a long time ago. Why? Because, frankly, I simply do not like the messages that Hollywood is sending us these days.

Hollywood filmmakers want you to believe that greed is good, premarital and homosexual relations are all right, or “politically correct.” Other obvious messages include “The end justifies the means,” “If it feels good, do it” and “It’s all right if it doesn’t hurt anyone.” Basically, this is the entire spectrum of the Humanist movement that claims the individual is the center of the universe, which is nothing more than a philosophy of selfishness and self-indulgence.

It is not a coincidence that the morals of Hollywood, or the lack thereof, have spilled over into our society. Young Johnny and Jane think it is OK to have sex before marriage because they “do It” in the movies and on TV. It’s socially acceptable to have an extra-marital affair because Hollywood condones it. A homosexual lifestyle is all right because one of the central characters on a prominent program is one.

Immorality has not always been the message that movie and program producers were sending.

Once upon a time, most television programs were morality plays, and movies clearly showed the difference between right and wrong and that there was “absolute truth.”

I have invested in some of the classic TV programs on DVD. While many of the programs were designed as a means of escapism, I am continually amazed at the lessons on morality taught by the then popular dramas. The lessons were clear and obvious: “It is not all right to date a married man or woman, and it’s not all right to have extra-marital affairs.” In the 1960s, when most of these programs were produced, premarital sex and homosexuality were taboo for scripts.

Just how much influence is Hollywood wielding these days? Plenty. There are probably as many power brokers in Tinsel Town as there are in Washington.

Early voting is just starting to crank up for the presidential election on Nov. 4, but for all practical purposes, the vote has been decided. If you want to know who the winner will be before the official count comes in, take a close look at who Hollywood is endorsing.

Why does Hollywood have so much influence on a presidential race? In two words – money and influence.

Movies and TV began changing dramatically in the late '80s and early '90s. Both media claimed they wanted to be more “realistic.” They also began churning out their trash because of  “freedom of expression.” They claimed the constitution protected their “artistic expression.”

It is a shame that the people that have this kind of power and influence do not have enough common sense to realize what they are doing to the minds of our kids. They should have the responsibility and decency not to contaminate the minds of our young people. Their predecessors were able to entertain, educate and make money. It could be done again.

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