Gary Brown: The Internet tells me about myself

Gary Brown

This column is all about me.

Well, not just me. It’s about me and other people named like me.

I Googled me again to find out what’s new in the world of Gary Browns.

Some of you might remember that I’ve Googled me before. A couple of years ago, I plugged my name into a Google search of the Internet -- as has just about everybody else who’s ever owned a computer and gone online -- to see who I found from the search.

What I found was that if you Google yourself once, you’ll Google yourself again, to see if you’ve changed.

This time I learned -- in only 0.33 seconds, the computer search said -- that there are more than a million references to Gary Brown floating around out there on the Internet.

I don’t want to brag, but I was mentioned on the first page -- the fourth reference.

Good reason

OK, it helps to have recently written a column about Paul Newman. Google probably figures people want to know about Paul Newman.

Google didn’t think they wanted to know about me until the second page, and then it was only a short newspaper staff biography, saying, essentially, “This is the guy who wrote about Paul Newman.”

To become known, a columnist has to keep one hand typing and the other grasping tightly the shirttails of other names.

With the exception of a couple of other columns, the first few pages were references to what is apparently a huge number of other Gary Browns.

The first was Gary Brown, the singer. Next came Gary Brown, the former pro football player. The third reference was made to Gary Brown, the current pro baseball player.

After me and Paul Newman, next came “hits” on Gary Browns who sold real estate, played saxophone, built pole buildings, wrote about technology, did fashion photography, and ran a “Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Washington State University.”

The Gary Browns who followed included a football recruit, a corporate lawyer, a singer and guitarist, an insurance agent, a “business visionary,” a race car driver, a bookstore operator, an actor, an artist, another musician, yet another musician, a real estate appraiser, and a politician.

Gary Brown, apparently, gets around.

What’s it mean?

I could go on for another million or so references, but that could take years and cost thousands of columns.

Suffice it to say that Gary Brown either is a very accomplished name or just a very common name. You be the judge.

All I know is that in only the first five pages of Gary Browns, I also found an ophthalmologist, a second lawyer, a professor, a chiropractor, a former police chief, a deceased education leader who has a charity golf tournament named after him, and some dude on Facebook.

Personally, I’m feeling pretty good about Gary Brown.

Not me so much. After the first couple of pages, Google pretty much ignored me. But the rest of me has done pretty well for ourselves.

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