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For 10/20/08 editions

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ELECTION COUNTDOWN 2008: With only a couple of weeks to go before Election Day, you can turn to GateHouse News Service for items to complement your own coverage.


MORNING MINUTES: Word of the Day, Web Site of the Day and Number to Know.

HALLOWEEN ON THE NEWS SERVICE: From illustrations to stories, we’ve got everything you’ll need for Halloween.

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Each October, children are plagued by one very big decision: What should I be for Halloween? There literally are thousands of choices out there, and a child’s get-up is limited only by his or her imagination. Well, imagination and parental budgets. GALESBURG

HEALTH WATCH: How to ease dry eye - Weekly health rail, with items on treating your irritated eyes, the danger

of ultraviolet rays during cool weather, the latest installment of our flu

shot guide, and more.

HEALTH PAGE:  12 steps to weight loss.

HEALTH VIDEO: Becoming a doctor, part V

WAYNE WESCOTT: Yard work doesn’t have to be all rakes and pains

SAVE THE WORLD BY CHANGING YOUR DIET: Rather than waiting for a national energy policy or saving to invest in a hybrid car to cut gasoline consumption, Americans can reduce their carbon footprint immediately, without any added cost, by changing their diet. PEORIA

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH: Content from GateHouse newspapers


EDWARD NORTON: Norton's prodigious acting ability on full display in "Pride and Glory." By Ed Symkus.

'W.' REVIEW: one of Stone's best pictures

‘THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES’ REVIEW: Almost sickeningly sweet, but still touching


O'MAHONEY CARTOON: On Joe the Plumber. Ledger, on wire now

LICCAR CARTOON: Campaign strategy

CHARITA GOSHAY: Focus on issues that really matter

DAN HALL: The most effective line in any of the debates over the past year came from John McCain last week, when he turned to Barack Obama and told him, „Sen. Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago.‰ There is, however, a sad irony in those words.

JEFF VRABEL: Record companies spreading a little evil this fall - The four major record companies, who collectively enjoy public approval ratings about as jolly as if you stapled President Bush to that woman who called Obama an Arab at a McCain rally, tied them both to the reunited New Kids on the Block and dropped them into Alfonso Soriano's house (still not over it), have spent 18 months pushing an increase in royalty rates for online radio stations.

JEFF ADAIR: Your pork is my valued service - When it comes to government spending, as a nation we're kind of schizophrenic. On the one hand, we decry folks who look to the government for "handouts," but when it's our pet project, we call it "services" and cry foul when it's on the chopping block. MetroWest, on wire now


FOOTBALL BRIEFS: PFW news on the 49ers, Dolphins, Jaguars and Buccaneers, plus the latest Fantasy Buzz.

MIKE NADEL: Ohio State seems like a longshot to get to the BCS mythical title game again, but the Buckeyes will get there somehow. And get trounced again. That's the BCS, the worst playoff system known to man. Will be posted this evening.

JOHN CURTIS: 2008 World Series a battle of former doormats


GHNS ELECTION PACKAGE: Check out our election page on the presidential candidates, where they stand on the issues and some things to know about them. We’ve posted the content for the page, as well as some other election content, such as election logos and election mugshots.

CAN COOKIES PREDICT THE PRESIDENT? If her record holds, Dinny Myerson, owner of Gourmet Pottery in Waltham, will predict the next president - with cookies. MetroWest, Uek, on wire now

With photo

TEACH KIDS ABOUT VALUE OF MONEY - Experts say teaching kids the value of money at an early age is important, and there is perhaps no better time than now – when kids may sense that parents are feeling pinched by higher food and gas prices and feeling worried about an erratic stock market and troubled economy. Ledger, Gerdeman, on wire now

With photos

YOUNG VOTERS: (GREAT TO LOCALIZE BY TALKING TO YOUNG ADULTS IN YOUR AREA) Although a record number of young people will vote in the upcoming election, they’re not necessarily choosing sides. That was the overwhelming message heard during a two-day tour last week of three Illinois cities — Rockford, DeKalb and Normal — to find out what’s important to young voters and why. What else do young voters have in common? No surprise, they use the Web for political information. They know and care little about local races. And they care about the big issues. By Kevin Haas of the Rockford Register Star.

Business / Ag

MAKING CENTS: Sharing ownership can backfire - Joint ownership may be appropriate for married couples, but for other people, it may create more problems than it's worth.

Ledger, on wire now

CHECKOUT LANE: Perfect pumpkin gets a little harder to find   - David Hanson, owner of Hanson Farm in Bridgewater, says dry weather earlier in the season slowed the growth of vines, so the pumpkins are taking a bit longer than usual to turn from green to orange this year. Ledger, Onufrak, on wire now

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YOUNG WORKERS: Young adults find workplace far different from their parents' ROCKFORD – People in their 20s who are entering the work force are already more connected to each other and the world than any generation of workers before them. Now, the real changes start. By Sean F. Driscoll of the Rockford Register Star.