The Wrestling Genius: Voting on pay-per-view a cyber-sham

Dustin Watson

So the WWE is back with another Cyber Sunday. The usual modus operandi is that the fans vote for the match choices on, and the results of that vote are then used on the pay-per-view.

Sure, the WWE has a clause, or at least has in the past, that allowed them to use whatever results they so choose.

Now, the WWE has adopted a text-only voting process. Texting has a big financial advantage for the phone companies and the WWE, seeing as they have a good agreement with AT&T. Voting on only gains the WWE its standard ad revenue from its Web site advertising campaigns.

I really don't like the text-only voting system. Why not do both text and Web site voting? This way all fans can vote as they choose. If the WWE universe really controls the fate of the WWE superstars, then why cut some of us out?

At least, as of the writing of this column, the “Jackass” angle appears to be played out and we shouldn't have Johnny Knoxville v. The Great Khali to drag the PPV down.

On a tangent, the eternal push of The Great Khali just blows me away. At least he has improved in the ring somewhat. But it seems odd to just push him to the Indian market, where the program is re-translated to make him appear as a conquering hero. Does the WWE edit its Spanish-language versions to make Vickie Guerrero the hero? Just an observation from your friendly neighborhood genius.

Sure, the WWE doesn't have to use the votes of its fans. Sure, the WWE can alter or manipulate the voting at its leisure. Sure, the matches aren't really looking that exciting to me. But, this PPV is really nothing more than a transitional show before Survivor Series, which is going to shape up to a pivotal show for the major WWE storylines.

Also, look for a John Cena involvement in some way. Even if he's not ring-ready, the WWE will look to use its biggest marketing draw in his hometown to its full effect.

Dustin Watson is a professional-wrestling blogger for the Linn County Leader. He can be reached at