Another injury for Croyle puts Chiefs’ future in doubt

Cody Thorn

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback of the future and the present returned to the field Sunday.

That would be none other than Brodie Croyle, the gunslinger from Alabama who was making his way back from a separated shoulder injury sustained against New England in the season opener.

Croyle’s return was viewed by many — i.e. Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson — as the “guy” that will lead the Chiefs’ offense during their rebuilding mode.

When Croyle stepped on the field on the first possession of Sunday’s game against Tennessee, it was his 13th game in the NFL and his eighth start.

It also turned out to be his fourth game he had to leave due to an injury and the latest, a MCL injury according to Edwards, ends his season.

The Chiefs are now 0-8 in games he started and Croyle has been hurt in half of the games he has started.

In essence, he is fragile. Almost as fragile as “Glass Joe” from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out on old-school Nintendo. One hit on the chin and he was knocked out. Croyle is very much like old Glass “Chin” Joe.

The MCL injury follows the separated shoulder, which was preceded by Croyle hurting his hand making a tackle on an interception against Detroit late last year. His first major injury came earlier in the season, when a back injury against Oakland forced him to miss a game.

His day ended early Sunday due to the injury on the first possession of the second quarter at the 12:02 mark. He played 17 minutes and 58 seconds in his second and last start of the season.

He did, however, finish the game with an impressive 9-of-10 passing, but threw for only 63 yards.

“He has been hurt, no doubt about that,” said Kansas City coach Herm Edwards. “This is the worst one he had since he has been here. The others have been a week or two or whatever. This is a tough one here. This is for the rest of the year, tough for everyone. Tough for him and tough for the football team.

“He did some good things. He threw the ball halfway decent early in the game. When you have an injury like that, it’s tough. I feel bad for the kid, I really do. He did everything in his power to try to come back. He was excited about playing. He had a good week of preparation and was excited about being back and now the season is over.”

The question that comes to mind is do you want a quarterback who throws halfway decent ?

Backup Damon Huard even had to leave the game after injuring his thumb. The team was down to Tyler Thigpen and had he gotten hurt wide receiver Marques Hagan, a former quarterback at Virginia, would’ve likely been the Chiefs QB. So, it could be Thigpen back in the starter role.

“We will make some decision and huddle up this week and decide what direction to go in with the quarterback situation,” Edwards said.

Not all of the problems of the Chiefs can be laid on the quarterback spot, though it is probably the most notable position on any team. The Chiefs’ defense didn’t do any favors by giving up 332 yards of rushing to the Titans.

The old record was 292 yards, gained by the Oilers Nov. 27, 1977. That just happened to be the year the Chiefs had their worst team ever, going 2-12.

Perhaps this year will be historic, too.

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