National budget 10.22.08

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National budget 10.22.08

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ELECTION COUNTDOWN 2008: With only a couple of weeks to go before Election Day, you can turn to GateHouse News Service for items to complement your own coverage.

ELECTION: Take best of endorsement interviews to the web.

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MORNING MINUTES: Word of the Day, Web Site of the Day and Number to Know.

HALLOWEEN ON THE NEWS SERVICE: From illustrations to stories, we’ve got everything you’ll need for Halloween.

HOME HELP: Weekly home and garden rail, with tips on creating a calming bedroom, how to prepare your deck for winter, and more.

HOME&GARDEN VIDEO: This week, a look at bonsai trees.

HOME&GARDEN PAGE: Beat back Old Man Winter's energy drain.

FAMILY TIME: Weekly family rail, with tips on keeping your pets safe this Halloween, a review of “Max Payne” and more.

TRAVELOGUE: Weekly travel rail, with a look at the 2009 inauguration festivities, good news from Amtrak, where you might see a Yeti and more.

GETAWAY: Explore Lake Placid any time of year.

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH: Breast Cancer Awareness Month content from GateHouse newspapers

LATE BLOOMER: 75-year-old uses her art to thrive.


EDWARD NORTON: Norton's prodigious acting ability on full display in "Pride and Glory." By Ed Symkus.


EDITORIAL: But is it socialism?

EDITORIAL: Race should not play a role in election.

LLOYD GARVER: Comments on "It's Because He's Black, Stupid" column.

KENT BUSH: Kent Bush: Wins and losses both test character.

PETER CHIANCA: Wii didn’t start the fire.

ROBERT STINNETT: It's time for backups.

FRANK MULLIGAN: Study finding findings.


FOOTBALL BRIEFS: PFW news on the Chiefs, Steelers, Eagles and Bears, plus the latest Fantasy Buzz.

PHIL LUCIANO: Rays fan faces Web site fight.

UMPIRES’ UMPIRE: At the World Series, his opinion on the umpires actually matters.

NASCAR CONTENT: 3 Questions with Jimmie Johnson, centerpiece on Kyle Busch’s travails, NASCAR rail, NASCAR page.


POLITICAL RAIL: This is moving daily, and here’s a link to the latest.

10 THINGS TO KNOW: About the vice presidential candidates.

ELECTION 2008: Columns and editorials.

ELECTION 2008: Cartoons.

ILLINOIS ROOTS: Abraham Lincoln. Paul Simon. Jesse Jackson. Adlai Stevenson. Barack Obama. John B. Anderson, Hillary Clinton and Ulysses S. Grant. They’re among an elite group of presidential candidates (and three presidents) who Illinoisans can, by varying degrees, call favorite sons and daughters. But what does that actually mean?

ECONOMY PAGE: Economy in crisis coverage for week beginning 10.19.08. Links to content.

PHOTO: Visit from a tiger cub.

PHOTO: Monet painting?

PHOTO: Hay there.


LAYOFFS: Experts: As consumers reduce spending, more layoffs expected.